Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Thus Far.

Well the past few days I haven't written anything because I've either been too sleep or....well I guess that has been the main thing. Yesterday my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew went on a rather lovely hike around some canyon, although I can't remember what the hiking place was called. Today we went shopping at Fashion Valley and my sister got a Michael Kors purse. Apparently they are quite the hot addition to the wardrobe, I suppose if you're a woman or a very fashionably sophisticated man. Me I don't necessarily think I'd ever need a purse, although they had some nice watches in the store. I am all about the watches. The Wall-Street Journal has some great advertisements for fantastic watches. Right now we're watching Takers and it is quite lovely as it was before. Tomorrow morning we're heading for Disneyland...and that should I'm not a big fan of crowds or children. Well it's all fun. No writing is going to be accomplished this week I have a feeling, unless it's Friday. I suppose I needed some sort of vacation anyways. Well I hope everyone is feeling alright in the world. Well we've gotten to the climax of the film, so I've going to toddle off.

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