Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transform to the Moon!

Well today wasn't as productive as I would have normally hoped for, but that is life. I went and saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon and honestly I didn't really like it. The action sequences were cool for the most part, and the 3-D worked very well for the film and what it was, but the lack of character development, breadth, or growth really annoyed me. The plot/storyline had a lot of really good potential, but then again that happens to a lot of films. Megan Fox's replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was superb and it was a real pity that they didn't discover her right from the get go, or at least the second film (British accent was amazing). They should have explored her and Sam's relationship more, but the action was the real focus of the film. The corny humor was ridiculous and way over done, and was a huge annoyance for me; it made the film worse, and some scenes particularly uncomfortable and just plain dumb. I'm going to give it an "Admirable Ability," despite it's awesome special effects and cool battle sequences (mainly the ones that feature Optimus Prime) I highly doubt I will watch this film very much. If you like action and cool robots and don't care about the other elements then you'll love this film. The rest of the day I just chilled. I watched a documentary on the moon, which was very interesting, although they spoke more about theories on how the moon came into existence then on anything else. I disagreed with all of their theories, but it was fascinating to hear them yack. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get some work/writing done, but I suddenly feel like I have a ton of stuff to do so who knows what I'll precisely get done. Well I must toddle off so my roommate and I can speak, this should be very interesting.........

......Several Hours later. It is now Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night; as I was about to post this entry our internet stopped working and that was that. It was irritating, but what can you do. The conversation with my roommate went well, and we may have found a solution to our imminent difficulties. Hopefully everything works out.

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