Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too Much Fun?

Well...I think I can safely state that I am a scrooge and I despise Disneyland. We just got back two minutes ago and all of us are completely exhausted. My feet, legs and back are killing me. I am sick of people, I am sick of children, I am sick of Disney. Too many people, for too long, for far too much money for far too little reward. You may think that I am a crotchety old man who doesn't like to have fun at all, and some of that is partially correct. I heartily dislike super-large groups of people; they tend to drain me of my energy, especially if I can't get away after a while to some peace and calm. I don't know what the average day at Disneyland is like, but there were so many people everywhere no matter where we went. Most of the time it was an obstacle course, or packed like sardines in a can. Neither option is preferable for me; I like breathing room and being able to walk leisurely. It was true that my nephew had a blast and I took a ton of pictures, but honestly I would be fine if I never returned to Disneyland ever again. That place is such a trap and a black hole for money. At least getting there and out (driving at least) wasn't seemingly difficult at all. I think my favorite thing that we did today was the Haunted Mansion, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean. We tried to do Star Tours, but it was over 2 hours waiting in line to get in for what was about a five minute show. Hardly worth it, despite my love and passion for Star Wars. Other than that we saw Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto and I got some good pictures of Darth Maul and Darth Vader. I am so tired right now so I am going to relax and gird my loins for tomorrow's activities.

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