Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Return to Work.

Well, returning to work after a week wasn't too difficult. The morning went relatively smoothly, save for this one SED who was having major problems and ended up having major problems at night too. Oh well what can you do, there's a reason why he's where he's at in life. The day was uneventful for the most part; I don't recall much of anything extraordinary happening. I watched the Disney classic Peter Pan with the SED's, and I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot; good old Walt really knew how to shape an excellent film. There was a documentary after the film about how they filmed the actors who did the voices and had them act out the film while they were filmed. This in turn would give the animators point of references to use when drawing the animated characters for the actual film. I immediately thought of modern day computer generated pre-visualization for CGI; Walt was way ahead of his time. A pity Disney has lost most of it's original story telling sensationalism; if it wasn't for Pixar and Pirates of the Caribbean it would be toast...and now Marvel (since they bought them out and added them to their corporation). Well another day of work tomorrow; here we come.

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