Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Punched in the Face.

Well it was essentially a boring day. I ran some errands, went to Target and got Sucker Punch on Blu-ray. Got home, made some dinner and watched it. I enjoy that film so much, particularly since it deals a lot with an area that I work in; young people/children who are abused, and how they cope with it. I really admire Zack Snyder (director/writer) for making this film, which is visually spectacular and the sound is amazing. I think it's lack of popularity or success demonstrates that on average Americans have poor taste in film, and that the world as a whole is still so chauvinist against female heroes, and women in general. What a shame. I will give it a Moderate on "Watch-ability;" even though I really like this film, it would be difficult to watch due to its high intensity scale. The action sequences with their booming sound can really numb the senses, but I will say that I would watch it with my mother. This film definitely gets a High on "Escape-ability"; wow, the whole blasted film is about escaping, and I can only marvel and admire Zack Snyder's genius imagination. I would really like to work with him, and I think it's really cool that he was born in Wisconsin; I wonder if he likes the Green Bay Packers? For me and my opinion it gets a High on "Enjoyability"; the story and the characters are very strong, and I love how the film makers blended fantasy within fantasy within reality; that takes a lot of talent to do that. I give it a High on "Artistic-ability"; the costumes were amazing, the fantasy realms were incredibly thought out visually, and the color of the film and style with which it was presented was also quite delicious. For me, the "Technical-ability" was a High; the incredible sound, and how they wove the music with the action sequences was impressive, and the special effects were right on (I especially liked the mother dragon). It receives a "Strong Ability;" and it really is a very strong film. I also have posted a video of the opening sequence of the film which I think is awesome. The music along with what is shown on-screen is so powerful; it is one of my favorite sequences on the film. I didn't get any writing done, which was in part due to some stress created by my roommate. Only two months left and then I can move out; I am going to be counting down the days.

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