Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Project Down....

...Two more to go: finishing up Surviving My Life and finishing the second round of edits to my second book. Well after doing nothing productive for a good part of the day, I spent 3 hours finishing my friend's audio drama story. Hand written at 42 pages in length, I now have to transcribe it on the computer and touch it up and then send it to him. I must admit that it is quite a relief to have it all finished at last, and reflecting back on it, it's a little weird. Here I have done it again; created something out of nothing essentially. I have created a world of my own making, with new characters and new ideas to go along with it. Thinking about all of that is kind of cool and one of the things about writing that I love. Creating these worlds, characters, cultures, and technologies is funnest part for me during the writing process. After I've done all of that, and the novelty wears off, I begin to grow tired often of writing the overall story and then finishing it. I must admit that by the time I had gotten to the climax of the story that I was writing for my friend that I was so over it all; I just wanted to be finished and that's why I pushed myself all the way today. I am ready for a new project, which is why I am hoping to finish the others quickly. I am hoping to do the same thing for Surviving My Life tomorrow, and or on Friday if necessary as well. That one could take about five hours or more to complete if done in succession and all of my attention is focused, but sometimes that is asking for a little too much. I will give it a go though. Aside from a few piddly things, that was my day. I was going to watch a film, but wasn't feeling it so I watched some Law & Order: Criminal Intent and then I watched X-Men:United. Which is the best of the three original X-Men films (in my humble opinion) and it is a film which really shows Bryan Singer's talent as a director. The newest of the franchise comes out this Friday, and we'll see how it does with all of the criterion. Oh, and happy June to everyone (my word, I can't believe it's a new month already!)

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