Friday, June 10, 2011

An Old Friday.

Well I worked today like I use to months and months ago. It was nice, but five more hours isn't really too much more when you're in the zone on the average of course; if it's a long day, probably not. It was a fairly good work day with no major problems. Everything went by quickly except for the end. After work, me and a few of my co-workers went on a hike and it was breathtaking and relaxing, and it was close to work and thus where I live so that made me very happy. Upon returning to my apartment I did some cleaning to prepare for my sister and company for tomorrow and was lazy. Feeling very tired I went to bed early and got some much needed rest. Tomorrow I will have picked them up at the airport and begun my vacation. Hope you all have an excellent weekend. Obviously by what I wrote above, today was excruciatingly boring.

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