Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Martians Amongst Us

Well for my first day back into my original schedule it wasn't too bad. I was able to get a substantial amount of cleaning in my apartment completed, and also some laundry. I also discovered an interesting bit of news; I'm going to be an uncle again (not sure if I mentioned that or not yet), and it is going to be a girl. I feel indifferent I guess you could say; I'm not sad that I'm going to be an uncle, but it's not something that really excites me. It might have to do something with that whole I don't really like children on the average thing. You know what's really odd though, I work very, very well with children somehow though despite my dislike of them. Anyways. I was able to type up some of the audio drama today, and if I keep at it really well for the rest of the week then I should have it completed and sent off to my friend by Friday at the latest. That will be such a relief. I was so on fire today that I even wrote more of my rabbit hole story, and what's even more amazing is that I can see the bottom of the hole finally after months of writing, delays, and brainstorming. Now that will be even more of a relief. That should also be posted on my website this week if I stick with it, that is if I stick with it; I'm hoping life doesn't get in the way again, but my roommate situation is making me a little nervous. Tonight I watched Martian Child. Last night at work an SED chose it to watch for the evening activity, and it peaked my curiosity so much that I borrowed it. It was a very, very good film and even heart warming. I give it a High on Watch-ability; even though it is a drama that is somewhat inspirational like, there was something about it that I found resonating. It might have had something to do with the fact that the main character is a writer and the kid is essentially what we call in my business of working with severely emotionally disturbed kids a "throw away child." With Escape-ability it get's a High; I was completely sucked into the characters and the story. Even with Enjoy-ability it has a High for all of the reasons that I mentioned above. For Artistic-ability I give it a Low; it's in our day in age with nothing remarkable, the camera angles weren't that interesting, neither was the color scheme or wardrobe. That's fine though as that's not the main draw of the film. For Technical-ability I give it a High; the acting was incredible (John Cusack, Bobby Coleman, and Joan Cusack), the story was compelling as was the characters, and the screenplay was well written (Seth Bass and Jonathan Tolins). All in all the film receives a "Strong Ability," and I highly recommend it to families, parents, single peoples, and anyone else who enjoys a good film with strong and fresh characters in it. One day off down, three more to go. Oh yeah before I forget, one of my previous high school teachers is on a video having to do with pac man; he's the guy running around. It look pretty cool check it out and comment on it.

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