Friday, June 17, 2011

In Blackest Night...

....In Brightest Day..." Yep I was able to see the Green Lantern today. I had to get up at 4:30am to drop my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew off at the airport, and then when I returned I went back to sleep and then watched an episode of Dexter eventually to start the morning off. After I re-situated the apartment, did some minor cleaning and organizing I got ready and went off to the cinema to see if the latest summer blockbuster is up to scratch. Green Lantern is a rather obscure DC Comic book character to the general public, but I thought he looked really cool when I heard of it being turned into a film, although Ryan Reynolds threw me for a loop at first, and then seeing the film I was fine with how he did with the character. On Watch-ability, it gets a Moderate; it was enjoyable, but not spectacular, but really not that bad either at the same time. With Escape-ability, I'll give it a High; there were times when I was bored, but for the most part, time went by very quickly and shall we say that by the end of it all I wanted to be a Green Lantern. Enjoy-ability, well as I mentioned it was enjoyable, but nothing great so it receives a Moderate. With Artistic-ability, I give it a High; I liked for the most part the design of the suit and the color scheme, but what was really impressive was all of the various species that were in the film. As for Technical-ability, I have to give it a Moderate. The 3-D wasn't that hot, neither was the original score or the screenplay despite the fantastic cast or the really cool special effects. Therefore when you put everything together you get a "Strong Ability." It had a lot of potential to be super fantastic, but didn't quite reach the zenith. It's a delightful distraction, but mere fluff that will have difficulty standing the test of time. The apartment feels oddly empty without the presence of my sister and company. I like my space, and having them here cramped my usual style, but having them gone leaves a sort It was a great comfort having them here and I really hope they'll be able to come again in the future. Well I have to get ready for work bright and early tomorrow morning; after a week off, let's see how well I slide back into the daily grind.

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