Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm So Bloody Sick.

Remember those things I wrote about life getting in the way of writing....well today is the perfect example. I slept horribly for God only knows why, and then I wake up like I have this massive hangover or something (I'm not quite certain what entirely that feels like since I've never been drunk before, but it seemed to fit the bill from what people explained about their experiences.) I felt blah pretty much all day, and after calling my mother and confirming it was because I have a virus in my body, everything made sense. However, stubborn as ever I still went and saw X-Men Origins: First Class. Now because I am so miserably sick with a fever and my body shaking, I can't really write everything that I usually do; that will have to wait for another time, and hopefully I can kick this dumb virus in the backside like yesterday. All in all my suspicions were correct; the film wasn't really that good and I will give it an "Admirable Ability." Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and Kevin Bacon (the villain) were the best parts of the film. The story needed to center more around Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr and their relationship, not the superfluous X-Men whom you never hear about again after the film. The mistake made on this film was the same that they made with X-Men Origins: Wolverine; too much and too over the top. There was a fair amount of stuff that was good, but I don't know how frequently I would watch this film. You decide though, perhaps a lot of you will enjoy it. Well I'm about to pass out, or vomit, so with all of that said, good health to everyone, and pray for me that I am feeling better enough to go to work tomorrow; now is a really bad time for me to call out sick, especially with my work week just beginning.

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