Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished At Last!!!!!

After months and months of work, sickness, laziness, and whatever I finally finished the entire short story Surviving My Life and my goodness was it a work to the finish going through all of that. It is my finest original work to date; the mechanics might not be finessed and what not, but hey with my schedule there's only so much that I can do. It's a really good story, but it's rather depressing so keep that in mind as you read. There's also a lot hidden within the prose; I'm curious to see what people come away with it, and what they think the various themes and what not are. I also finished typing up the audio drama for my friend and sent it his way. I am now completed with two major projects and I feel so relieved! Now I can finally move on to different fish, and of course my fantasy trilogy. I am exhausted though right now. I just finished cleaning the dishes, the kitchen and putting it all away, and I also made a key lime cheesecake with some home made whipped cream to go with it. Sometimes I think I push myself too far. I was also hoping to sit down and watch Casino Royale tonight, but I settled for watching it while I cooked and clean. My goodness that has got to be one of the greatest James Bond movies ever; great cast, good story, plot and characters. Definitely a very "Strong Ability." Well I hope all of you (if you can bring yourself to do it) can read that short story, I'm going to try and get it in PDF format so everyone who wants to can download it and read it on their electronic devices, and or just read it on whatever they're in front of. I need to wrap everything up and get some sleep though, so adieu.

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