Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling Super.

Well, I am feeling very, very lucky today indeed. I woke up to a friend asking me to see Super 8 with him. I did and thought the film was absolutely lovely. In the review I go into more detail, but I thought that another "alien" film was just something completely redundant and unnecessary. I still hold that position of that particular plot tool, but the rest of it was splendid. I gave it a "Strong Ability" because mainly it isn't something I'd really watch that frequently, but other than that it was fine. After watching the film I went back to my apartment and picked up a few things and went to work to spend time with one of the SED's which went very lovely; we played a Star Wars game. I then came back and after nabbing something to feast on, I went to the computer and typed another good portion of my audio drama. If the black plague doesn't arrive tomorrow I should be able to finish it and send it off to my associate, and then I'm done with it! Now here's the really big news, is everyone ready for a huge shock............I finished the entire short story Surviving My Life!!!! All 73 pages of it. Whew what a finish. I actually just finished it up about ten minutes ago, and now as much as I would love to post it immediately, I have to go back and look through it all and make it lovely which hopefully I'll be able to complete that tomorrow. The ending is really, really intense; it is definitely a story which children shouldn't read, or overly naive and innocent people or teenagers. If it was ever turned into a film let's just say it would be an intensely rated R film, but I know it would be an excellent film if done correctly. Well I can't blog about not writing today because of all the writing I've done. Thank God; now I can move on to different fish after months of being stuck on the same things, and I can also focus on my fantasy trilogy. Well as I listen to Christmas music and wrap everything up for tonight, I hope that everyone else's week has been as productive as mine. And crap! I forgot that I wanted to call someone that I have been trying to remind myself to do for weeks. Dang I hate being so busy sometimes. I hope it doesn't become chronic

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