Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eclipsing the Day.

Well.....nothing essentially happened today. I was yet again ridiculously lazy, but I was feeling like a miniature vacation; after all these are my days off so why not act like it every now and then. The irritating thing is that I went to go spend time with an SED from work, but he didn't want to spend time with me after he had asked me to spend time with him. I was a little vexed about that, but hey that's his problem and not mine. It did kind of make me rearrange my schedule and routine, which isn't something I enjoy doing very often. I didn't do any writing, nor did I even try. I guess if I really want my book to be released this winter I should work on it a little bit harder. Well tonight I finally crossed over and Watched Eclipse (hence the title). Okay I don't like the series that much at all; the first two films were dreadful, but I'll admit that they have progressed into something more tolerable with each one. Due to my bias it would be impossible for me to rate this film since it is a teeny-bopper film that only works because of pop culture...but I'll try...somewhat. The "Technical-ability" was good and I'll give it a High. The "Artistic-ability" get's a Moderate. As for "Watch-ability," "Escape-ability," and "Enjoy-ability" obviously none of the three would get even a Moderate from me....However, if you love the series or even like the books then you will love this film. Kristen Stewart's character (or herself as an actress) annoys me to no end; she always looks as if she is miserable and....well, odd. She barely smiles and always seems glum; she's just a boring, flat character. The screenplay and dialog sucked for the most part; my favorite scene was with Edward and Jacob in the tent when Mr. werewolf/shape shifter was keeping his love, Bella, warm. There was a lot of potential for this film, but for me it was just blah, but not as blah as the previous two. It should be interesting to see what the next two parts are going to be like. Alas the day is over, and with any luck I might be able to corral myself to get some writing done tomorrow.

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