Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beachy Tanning.

Well today after all of us got some much needed rest from running around Disneyland we went to Coronado island and got some sun, relaxation, and some burning. Fortunately for me I didn't get burned too badly except on the tops of my feet which is as I write, quite painful. Oh well, I was luckier than my sister's boyfriend who was turned into a lobster back quite literally. Aside from the burning which was discovered after the fact of being at the beach for a while, we had quite the delightful time and the beach wasn't that crowded and we didn't even have that difficult of a time trying to locate a parking spot. Later on after we got back to my apartment we relaxed and they went and had dinner with some of his extended family while I remained home and tidied up a little and made a run to Target to get some aloe vera goodness which was wonderful on the burnt flesh. I made a pizza, an apple pie and...well I guess that is all I really did. I watched this documentary on The Universe about Jupiter. Wow, what a planet. There is a storm on the planet that is 12,000 miles wide that has been going on continuously for at least 300 hundred years! Earth by the way is about 8,000 miles across; Jupiter is the largest planet is the solar system, and has at least forty moons or celestial bodies orbiting it. There isn't anything apocalyptic about it, but one of its moons, Europa, has liquid water underneath its icy surface. It is supposedly the only other body in the solar system aside from Earth to have water on it. They're going to launch an exploratory mission which should reach Europa around 2019 and collect data; it should be interesting if they discover any life at all. Well time to sign off and write some more at a different location. Take care everyone and enjoy life wherever you are.

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