Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bad Omen....?

Unfortunately today didn't really go as I had wanted. I was very, very lazy until the end of the afternoon at which point I did do some writing, but not as much as I wanted. Perhaps it was because I wrote a very emotionally powerful scene from my short story, which might have drained me, but with Surviving My Life I have reached the near end. If I stay true to course and push myself I might be able to finish it tomorrow, but considering what I have on my plate for tomorrow it may or may not happen. Who knows. During dinner I sat myself down and watched something that I have been wanting to see for a very long time: The Omen. And it is the classic film, not the new one (which I haven't seen, so I have no way of knowing how good it is). Considering it's a horror type film, it's going to naturally have less than usual Watch-ability, but for all intents and purposes I enjoyed the film so I am going to give it a Moderate rating. As for Escape-ability, let's just say that the characters and the reality of what the storyline was telling became very....real while watching the film; I give it a High. For Enjoy-ability well....I don't necessarily enjoy seeing people in pain, dying and being tortured and what not but I did enjoy the storyline, plot, characters and what not; very well done so therefore a High. For Artistic-ability, I was annoyed that it looked like it was made in the seventies, and the wardrobe was so blah. I'm going to give it a Low. For Technical-ability I'll begin by writing that the music by Jerry Goldsmith was fabulous (see attached youtube video), I enjoyed the cinematography, and the lighting was fantastic; it really evoked a surreal mood. Richard Donner did an excellent job directing the film. A high rating for the technical aspects. All in all, for the 1976 version of The Omen I'm giving it an "Admirable Ability" (which means it's essentially good, but not great). I liked the idea of the film and the cast Gregory Peck and David Warner are amongst some of my favorites. It was a delightful....escape, even though it is a rather diabolical and hideous plot line, the ending is good though. If you like scary like films of a religious/cult like nature, then watch it, if not and you're like my sister and will have nightmares best to avoid it. X-Men: Origins tomorrow, so we'll see if all of the hype was really worth it. Goodnight and beware of children who appear more than what they are......just kidding.

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