Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eclipsing the Day.

Well.....nothing essentially happened today. I was yet again ridiculously lazy, but I was feeling like a miniature vacation; after all these are my days off so why not act like it every now and then. The irritating thing is that I went to go spend time with an SED from work, but he didn't want to spend time with me after he had asked me to spend time with him. I was a little vexed about that, but hey that's his problem and not mine. It did kind of make me rearrange my schedule and routine, which isn't something I enjoy doing very often. I didn't do any writing, nor did I even try. I guess if I really want my book to be released this winter I should work on it a little bit harder. Well tonight I finally crossed over and Watched Eclipse (hence the title). Okay I don't like the series that much at all; the first two films were dreadful, but I'll admit that they have progressed into something more tolerable with each one. Due to my bias it would be impossible for me to rate this film since it is a teeny-bopper film that only works because of pop culture...but I'll try...somewhat. The "Technical-ability" was good and I'll give it a High. The "Artistic-ability" get's a Moderate. As for "Watch-ability," "Escape-ability," and "Enjoy-ability" obviously none of the three would get even a Moderate from me....However, if you love the series or even like the books then you will love this film. Kristen Stewart's character (or herself as an actress) annoys me to no end; she always looks as if she is miserable and....well, odd. She barely smiles and always seems glum; she's just a boring, flat character. The screenplay and dialog sucked for the most part; my favorite scene was with Edward and Jacob in the tent when Mr. werewolf/shape shifter was keeping his love, Bella, warm. There was a lot of potential for this film, but for me it was just blah, but not as blah as the previous two. It should be interesting to see what the next two parts are going to be like. Alas the day is over, and with any luck I might be able to corral myself to get some writing done tomorrow.

Transform to the Moon!

Well today wasn't as productive as I would have normally hoped for, but that is life. I went and saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon and honestly I didn't really like it. The action sequences were cool for the most part, and the 3-D worked very well for the film and what it was, but the lack of character development, breadth, or growth really annoyed me. The plot/storyline had a lot of really good potential, but then again that happens to a lot of films. Megan Fox's replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, was superb and it was a real pity that they didn't discover her right from the get go, or at least the second film (British accent was amazing). They should have explored her and Sam's relationship more, but the action was the real focus of the film. The corny humor was ridiculous and way over done, and was a huge annoyance for me; it made the film worse, and some scenes particularly uncomfortable and just plain dumb. I'm going to give it an "Admirable Ability," despite it's awesome special effects and cool battle sequences (mainly the ones that feature Optimus Prime) I highly doubt I will watch this film very much. If you like action and cool robots and don't care about the other elements then you'll love this film. The rest of the day I just chilled. I watched a documentary on the moon, which was very interesting, although they spoke more about theories on how the moon came into existence then on anything else. I disagreed with all of their theories, but it was fascinating to hear them yack. Tomorrow I'm going to try and get some work/writing done, but I suddenly feel like I have a ton of stuff to do so who knows what I'll precisely get done. Well I must toddle off so my roommate and I can speak, this should be very interesting.........

......Several Hours later. It is now Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night; as I was about to post this entry our internet stopped working and that was that. It was irritating, but what can you do. The conversation with my roommate went well, and we may have found a solution to our imminent difficulties. Hopefully everything works out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Punched in the Face.

Well it was essentially a boring day. I ran some errands, went to Target and got Sucker Punch on Blu-ray. Got home, made some dinner and watched it. I enjoy that film so much, particularly since it deals a lot with an area that I work in; young people/children who are abused, and how they cope with it. I really admire Zack Snyder (director/writer) for making this film, which is visually spectacular and the sound is amazing. I think it's lack of popularity or success demonstrates that on average Americans have poor taste in film, and that the world as a whole is still so chauvinist against female heroes, and women in general. What a shame. I will give it a Moderate on "Watch-ability;" even though I really like this film, it would be difficult to watch due to its high intensity scale. The action sequences with their booming sound can really numb the senses, but I will say that I would watch it with my mother. This film definitely gets a High on "Escape-ability"; wow, the whole blasted film is about escaping, and I can only marvel and admire Zack Snyder's genius imagination. I would really like to work with him, and I think it's really cool that he was born in Wisconsin; I wonder if he likes the Green Bay Packers? For me and my opinion it gets a High on "Enjoyability"; the story and the characters are very strong, and I love how the film makers blended fantasy within fantasy within reality; that takes a lot of talent to do that. I give it a High on "Artistic-ability"; the costumes were amazing, the fantasy realms were incredibly thought out visually, and the color of the film and style with which it was presented was also quite delicious. For me, the "Technical-ability" was a High; the incredible sound, and how they wove the music with the action sequences was impressive, and the special effects were right on (I especially liked the mother dragon). It receives a "Strong Ability;" and it really is a very strong film. I also have posted a video of the opening sequence of the film which I think is awesome. The music along with what is shown on-screen is so powerful; it is one of my favorite sequences on the film. I didn't get any writing done, which was in part due to some stress created by my roommate. Only two months left and then I can move out; I am going to be counting down the days.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Emotionally Drained.

Wow what a day at work! One SED was off the charts for almost the entire shift. From the moment I got there to him banging on the windows, to him putting a hole in the walls, and screaming so loud that it would frazzle any normal person's nerves, I am so exhausted. Not to mention my roommate threw something at me that sent me into a little bit of a flurry irritatingly enough, and I haven't a clue how it's going to play out this week, but I have a feeling that I am in for a very stressful week. It sucks. I am definitely living on my own come September; roommates aren't worth all of the stress, especially immature and selfish ones. Anyways. I have some new projects that I am going to write this week and hopefully get finished, but I am going to try and relax more than I did last week. I really need a vacation to Montana.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yet Again One Day of Work Left.

Well I was very fortunate that today went very well for the most part. One SED was persistently having difficulties, but when we intervened he stopped his vexing aways (eventually) and was fine. Me and my co-workers were very lucky to have a relatively good day. Therefore it was boring and there was nothing essentially to write, at least of any notoriety. I found somehow that I am very amusing to children, which is weird because I consider myself a bore, with old person hobbies. Anyways; the weekend is almost over, and then I will be able to relax this week a little more than I did last week.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Deserts Galore.

Today at work was the day for sweets and treats alike. I brought in my key lime cheesecake which was to die for by the way; the home made whipped cream wasn't my best but it was good as well. Then a co-worker of mine brought in these cupcakes with caramel frosting and sea salt sprinkled on top. Wow they were delicious! All of that made the time go by quite pleasantly. Aside from the SED's being needy, the overall day went rather positively. Saturdays usually are my good days, so tomorrow will be my long day, but we'll see if it's like last Sunday was and go very well. I'm going to watch the season finale of Dexter season 4, so goodnight and enjoy your weekend world.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Finished At Last!!!!!

After months and months of work, sickness, laziness, and whatever I finally finished the entire short story Surviving My Life and my goodness was it a work to the finish going through all of that. It is my finest original work to date; the mechanics might not be finessed and what not, but hey with my schedule there's only so much that I can do. It's a really good story, but it's rather depressing so keep that in mind as you read. There's also a lot hidden within the prose; I'm curious to see what people come away with it, and what they think the various themes and what not are. I also finished typing up the audio drama for my friend and sent it his way. I am now completed with two major projects and I feel so relieved! Now I can finally move on to different fish, and of course my fantasy trilogy. I am exhausted though right now. I just finished cleaning the dishes, the kitchen and putting it all away, and I also made a key lime cheesecake with some home made whipped cream to go with it. Sometimes I think I push myself too far. I was also hoping to sit down and watch Casino Royale tonight, but I settled for watching it while I cooked and clean. My goodness that has got to be one of the greatest James Bond movies ever; great cast, good story, plot and characters. Definitely a very "Strong Ability." Well I hope all of you (if you can bring yourself to do it) can read that short story, I'm going to try and get it in PDF format so everyone who wants to can download it and read it on their electronic devices, and or just read it on whatever they're in front of. I need to wrap everything up and get some sleep though, so adieu.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeling Super.

Well, I am feeling very, very lucky today indeed. I woke up to a friend asking me to see Super 8 with him. I did and thought the film was absolutely lovely. In the review I go into more detail, but I thought that another "alien" film was just something completely redundant and unnecessary. I still hold that position of that particular plot tool, but the rest of it was splendid. I gave it a "Strong Ability" because mainly it isn't something I'd really watch that frequently, but other than that it was fine. After watching the film I went back to my apartment and picked up a few things and went to work to spend time with one of the SED's which went very lovely; we played a Star Wars game. I then came back and after nabbing something to feast on, I went to the computer and typed another good portion of my audio drama. If the black plague doesn't arrive tomorrow I should be able to finish it and send it off to my associate, and then I'm done with it! Now here's the really big news, is everyone ready for a huge shock............I finished the entire short story Surviving My Life!!!! All 73 pages of it. Whew what a finish. I actually just finished it up about ten minutes ago, and now as much as I would love to post it immediately, I have to go back and look through it all and make it lovely which hopefully I'll be able to complete that tomorrow. The ending is really, really intense; it is definitely a story which children shouldn't read, or overly naive and innocent people or teenagers. If it was ever turned into a film let's just say it would be an intensely rated R film, but I know it would be an excellent film if done correctly. Well I can't blog about not writing today because of all the writing I've done. Thank God; now I can move on to different fish after months of being stuck on the same things, and I can also focus on my fantasy trilogy. Well as I listen to Christmas music and wrap everything up for tonight, I hope that everyone else's week has been as productive as mine. And crap! I forgot that I wanted to call someone that I have been trying to remind myself to do for weeks. Dang I hate being so busy sometimes. I hope it doesn't become chronic

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Progress.

Despite my usual luck, I made some very, very good progress today with catching up on a lot of my writing. So that's two days in a row, let's see if I can make it a third. I just finished writing some of Surviving My Life (also known as my rabbit hole story) and I got to the climax, and if I can stay true to abnormal form, I should be able to finish it tomorrow night! I am so going for a lot of optimism right now, I hope ya'll are sending out your positive energy or using the Force to help persuade me. Well, I also was able to type out a big chunk for my audio drama, and with any luck I should be able to finish punching that out this week as well. You know, typing up pages and pages of hand written material takes more time then I originally thought that it would, and it's kind of monotonous work; it would be fantastic to have a secretary or another one of me. I could get double the amount of work done in the same amount of time, or at least take more time for pleasure. Oh well, reality sucks. One thing that I thought would get in the way of writing tonight was my addiction to Dexter. I am right at the end of season 4 and I watched 4 episodes back-to-back tonight because it was and intense. I know that I really shouldn't have, but I couldn't help myself; it was so good! I thought my heart was going to leap into my stomach during a few moments in some episodes; it is so intense, what with this new serial killer Trinity and talk about a monster, oh my goodness he makes the Ice Truck Killer seem tame. We are talking about Dexter here though, so serial killers are expected to be...evil. Those writers for the show are good, very good especially with getting you to feel empathetic for a mass serial killer. Spoke with roommate about the problems he's having and he seemed to take it well; I hope that isn't a front but we'll see come the end of the month and hopefully I'll have some excellent news concerning his fate and mine. Wasn't able to write anything concerning my trilogy, but after these two projects are completed, there will be plenty of time for that, at least I hope as long as I don't get sick again God forbid.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Martians Amongst Us

Well for my first day back into my original schedule it wasn't too bad. I was able to get a substantial amount of cleaning in my apartment completed, and also some laundry. I also discovered an interesting bit of news; I'm going to be an uncle again (not sure if I mentioned that or not yet), and it is going to be a girl. I feel indifferent I guess you could say; I'm not sad that I'm going to be an uncle, but it's not something that really excites me. It might have to do something with that whole I don't really like children on the average thing. You know what's really odd though, I work very, very well with children somehow though despite my dislike of them. Anyways. I was able to type up some of the audio drama today, and if I keep at it really well for the rest of the week then I should have it completed and sent off to my friend by Friday at the latest. That will be such a relief. I was so on fire today that I even wrote more of my rabbit hole story, and what's even more amazing is that I can see the bottom of the hole finally after months of writing, delays, and brainstorming. Now that will be even more of a relief. That should also be posted on my website this week if I stick with it, that is if I stick with it; I'm hoping life doesn't get in the way again, but my roommate situation is making me a little nervous. Tonight I watched Martian Child. Last night at work an SED chose it to watch for the evening activity, and it peaked my curiosity so much that I borrowed it. It was a very, very good film and even heart warming. I give it a High on Watch-ability; even though it is a drama that is somewhat inspirational like, there was something about it that I found resonating. It might have had something to do with the fact that the main character is a writer and the kid is essentially what we call in my business of working with severely emotionally disturbed kids a "throw away child." With Escape-ability it get's a High; I was completely sucked into the characters and the story. Even with Enjoy-ability it has a High for all of the reasons that I mentioned above. For Artistic-ability I give it a Low; it's in our day in age with nothing remarkable, the camera angles weren't that interesting, neither was the color scheme or wardrobe. That's fine though as that's not the main draw of the film. For Technical-ability I give it a High; the acting was incredible (John Cusack, Bobby Coleman, and Joan Cusack), the story was compelling as was the characters, and the screenplay was well written (Seth Bass and Jonathan Tolins). All in all the film receives a "Strong Ability," and I highly recommend it to families, parents, single peoples, and anyone else who enjoys a good film with strong and fresh characters in it. One day off down, three more to go. Oh yeah before I forget, one of my previous high school teachers is on a video having to do with pac man; he's the guy running around. It look pretty cool check it out and comment on it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Back to the Routine.

Well my work weekend of work is now over. Now I get to catch up with my writing and contend with my roommate about....well the usual stuff. The SED's at work were relatively well behaved although hyper at times, but not beyond a measure of control. One of the SED's tried to run after this one other kid and rip his head off, but my slow approach towards him made him change his mind. I find it highly effective when children have a healthy and respectful fear of you. Anyways. Have a good work week all of you average/normal people in the world.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The 300th Post!

I really wish that I could write that I blogged for 300 consecutive days...but unfortunately I cannot make such a statement. Due to problems, sleepiness, technical difficulties, stress and forgetfulness there were days when I was unable to blog, but I keep pressing on for that high number of 365 days. Very soon. Even if it isn't 365 consecutive days of blogging, at least it will be that many days of blogging. Well today wasn't as bad as I originally thought it was going to be thank the maker. On average the SED's behaved very well, and one of the gruffer SED's was nigh perfect, it was incredible! Nothing exciting happened though and now for my last day of work before I have my days off, which really won't be my days off since I have 3 weeks of writing that I need to catch up on. Being sick is such a pain in the neck when you have a busy life.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Return to Work.

Well, returning to work after a week wasn't too difficult. The morning went relatively smoothly, save for this one SED who was having major problems and ended up having major problems at night too. Oh well what can you do, there's a reason why he's where he's at in life. The day was uneventful for the most part; I don't recall much of anything extraordinary happening. I watched the Disney classic Peter Pan with the SED's, and I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot; good old Walt really knew how to shape an excellent film. There was a documentary after the film about how they filmed the actors who did the voices and had them act out the film while they were filmed. This in turn would give the animators point of references to use when drawing the animated characters for the actual film. I immediately thought of modern day computer generated pre-visualization for CGI; Walt was way ahead of his time. A pity Disney has lost most of it's original story telling sensationalism; if it wasn't for Pixar and Pirates of the Caribbean it would be toast...and now Marvel (since they bought them out and added them to their corporation). Well another day of work tomorrow; here we come.

Friday, June 17, 2011

In Blackest Night...

....In Brightest Day..." Yep I was able to see the Green Lantern today. I had to get up at 4:30am to drop my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew off at the airport, and then when I returned I went back to sleep and then watched an episode of Dexter eventually to start the morning off. After I re-situated the apartment, did some minor cleaning and organizing I got ready and went off to the cinema to see if the latest summer blockbuster is up to scratch. Green Lantern is a rather obscure DC Comic book character to the general public, but I thought he looked really cool when I heard of it being turned into a film, although Ryan Reynolds threw me for a loop at first, and then seeing the film I was fine with how he did with the character. On Watch-ability, it gets a Moderate; it was enjoyable, but not spectacular, but really not that bad either at the same time. With Escape-ability, I'll give it a High; there were times when I was bored, but for the most part, time went by very quickly and shall we say that by the end of it all I wanted to be a Green Lantern. Enjoy-ability, well as I mentioned it was enjoyable, but nothing great so it receives a Moderate. With Artistic-ability, I give it a High; I liked for the most part the design of the suit and the color scheme, but what was really impressive was all of the various species that were in the film. As for Technical-ability, I have to give it a Moderate. The 3-D wasn't that hot, neither was the original score or the screenplay despite the fantastic cast or the really cool special effects. Therefore when you put everything together you get a "Strong Ability." It had a lot of potential to be super fantastic, but didn't quite reach the zenith. It's a delightful distraction, but mere fluff that will have difficulty standing the test of time. The apartment feels oddly empty without the presence of my sister and company. I like my space, and having them here cramped my usual style, but having them gone leaves a sort It was a great comfort having them here and I really hope they'll be able to come again in the future. Well I have to get ready for work bright and early tomorrow morning; after a week off, let's see how well I slide back into the daily grind.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beachy Tanning.

Well today after all of us got some much needed rest from running around Disneyland we went to Coronado island and got some sun, relaxation, and some burning. Fortunately for me I didn't get burned too badly except on the tops of my feet which is as I write, quite painful. Oh well, I was luckier than my sister's boyfriend who was turned into a lobster back quite literally. Aside from the burning which was discovered after the fact of being at the beach for a while, we had quite the delightful time and the beach wasn't that crowded and we didn't even have that difficult of a time trying to locate a parking spot. Later on after we got back to my apartment we relaxed and they went and had dinner with some of his extended family while I remained home and tidied up a little and made a run to Target to get some aloe vera goodness which was wonderful on the burnt flesh. I made a pizza, an apple pie and...well I guess that is all I really did. I watched this documentary on The Universe about Jupiter. Wow, what a planet. There is a storm on the planet that is 12,000 miles wide that has been going on continuously for at least 300 hundred years! Earth by the way is about 8,000 miles across; Jupiter is the largest planet is the solar system, and has at least forty moons or celestial bodies orbiting it. There isn't anything apocalyptic about it, but one of its moons, Europa, has liquid water underneath its icy surface. It is supposedly the only other body in the solar system aside from Earth to have water on it. They're going to launch an exploratory mission which should reach Europa around 2019 and collect data; it should be interesting if they discover any life at all. Well time to sign off and write some more at a different location. Take care everyone and enjoy life wherever you are.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Too Much Fun?

Well...I think I can safely state that I am a scrooge and I despise Disneyland. We just got back two minutes ago and all of us are completely exhausted. My feet, legs and back are killing me. I am sick of people, I am sick of children, I am sick of Disney. Too many people, for too long, for far too much money for far too little reward. You may think that I am a crotchety old man who doesn't like to have fun at all, and some of that is partially correct. I heartily dislike super-large groups of people; they tend to drain me of my energy, especially if I can't get away after a while to some peace and calm. I don't know what the average day at Disneyland is like, but there were so many people everywhere no matter where we went. Most of the time it was an obstacle course, or packed like sardines in a can. Neither option is preferable for me; I like breathing room and being able to walk leisurely. It was true that my nephew had a blast and I took a ton of pictures, but honestly I would be fine if I never returned to Disneyland ever again. That place is such a trap and a black hole for money. At least getting there and out (driving at least) wasn't seemingly difficult at all. I think my favorite thing that we did today was the Haunted Mansion, and of course Pirates of the Caribbean. We tried to do Star Tours, but it was over 2 hours waiting in line to get in for what was about a five minute show. Hardly worth it, despite my love and passion for Star Wars. Other than that we saw Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto and I got some good pictures of Darth Maul and Darth Vader. I am so tired right now so I am going to relax and gird my loins for tomorrow's activities.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation Thus Far.

Well the past few days I haven't written anything because I've either been too sleep or....well I guess that has been the main thing. Yesterday my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew went on a rather lovely hike around some canyon, although I can't remember what the hiking place was called. Today we went shopping at Fashion Valley and my sister got a Michael Kors purse. Apparently they are quite the hot addition to the wardrobe, I suppose if you're a woman or a very fashionably sophisticated man. Me I don't necessarily think I'd ever need a purse, although they had some nice watches in the store. I am all about the watches. The Wall-Street Journal has some great advertisements for fantastic watches. Right now we're watching Takers and it is quite lovely as it was before. Tomorrow morning we're heading for Disneyland...and that should I'm not a big fan of crowds or children. Well it's all fun. No writing is going to be accomplished this week I have a feeling, unless it's Friday. I suppose I needed some sort of vacation anyways. Well I hope everyone is feeling alright in the world. Well we've gotten to the climax of the film, so I've going to toddle off.

Friday, June 10, 2011

An Old Friday.

Well I worked today like I use to months and months ago. It was nice, but five more hours isn't really too much more when you're in the zone on the average of course; if it's a long day, probably not. It was a fairly good work day with no major problems. Everything went by quickly except for the end. After work, me and a few of my co-workers went on a hike and it was breathtaking and relaxing, and it was close to work and thus where I live so that made me very happy. Upon returning to my apartment I did some cleaning to prepare for my sister and company for tomorrow and was lazy. Feeling very tired I went to bed early and got some much needed rest. Tomorrow I will have picked them up at the airport and begun my vacation. Hope you all have an excellent weekend. Obviously by what I wrote above, today was excruciatingly boring.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Still Taking it Easy.

There is very little interesting to say about today other than the fact that I accomplished very little writing...well actually none that I can think of. I went to work where I made a cherry pie, had a very "interesting" meeting about how to properly utilize a forthcoming online chart system, and then spent some one-on-one time with one of the SED's. Not too bad for about a five hour stint at work on my day off. Tomorrow I go back since I won't be there on Sunday or Monday and then I work my regular double on Saturday. When I returned to the apartment I did nothing. I watched Titan A.E. and did more nothing. I always thought that was a delightfully funny and cool film; the characters always and still make me laugh. Well...the days are passing and soon there will be a plus 3 in the apartment; that should be fun.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You Kill Me.

My muscles felt sore today, but other than that I felt spectacular. I did a whole lot of nothing again, but I also did some writing and brainstorming. I might have come up with a title for my second book, at least I am hoping I did.  Coming up with titles isn't really my strong suit. I finished going through one of the edits to my second book and now for the next one, and then the ball will really begin to roll. I could have done more writing today, but I am really just taking it easy, because there are still some tiny....minute remnants of the virus that are still clinging for survival irritatingly enough. I watched the film Killers tonight, which of course was a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher. I was told that the film was bad and that I shouldn't go and see it, however I laughed my head off a ton during the film and really enjoyed it. I definitely give it a High on "Watch-ability." A High as well on "Escape-ability." Since I mentioned that I really enjoyed it, a High naturally on "Enjoyability." The film looked great, but "Artistic-ability" wasn't really part of it, which is fine but it gets a Moderate for that. For "Technical-ability" I give it a Moderate because there were things here and there that could have been better, like parts of the screenplay, the action sequences, the ending, but overall not bad. So based off all of that I give the film a "Strong Ability" and recommend it to everyone who enjoys comedy and romance. I thought Ashton Kutcher would be unbearable, but he did quite well in this film, and Katherine Heigl was hysterical as usual. I really liked the story and the characters, and I thought the humor was well played out; I don't know why someone told me it was bad. Couple more days until the weekend and I am still not getting sick again. Thank God. I hope everyone else is having good success with staying healthy.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day of Fair Health at Last!

Aside from a minor issue related to what I thought was at first a heat rash, my mother and I are thinking I was having some sort of allergic reaction, or my body was just releasing an abundance of stress hormones. I had a fine day without a fever, eye pain, or really any nasal congestion at all. I ran a bunch of errands and did some apartment chores before sitting down and watching some Dexter (now on season 4). I've deduced that if I watch it right before I go to bed, my mind remains too active and therefore keeps me awake, so I have to watch it way before I go to sleep. I need so much sleep right now. I didn't get all of the sleep I needed because my little "rash" decided to expand last night as I was attempting to sleep and it felt very smothering. I was finally able to write my film review for X-Men: First Class today and post it on my website; not being sick gives me so much more energy and time to do things. Since I love Star Wars so much I found this video for an upcoming game on and my word is it cool; I really think they need to utilize this technology to make a television series or something as it looks really good. I don't know how much writing I am going to get done this week. I am going to try and take it easy so I don't over do it while I am still recovering from being severely sick, because I do not want to get sick again. I am so sick of being sick, and then sick again!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend of Fever.

It has got to be one of the worst weekends that I have had in a long time. I had fevers on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Monday finally breaking the cycle although I got a weird rash I woke up with this morning that spread from my knees down to my toes throughout the day and then vanishing for the most part by mid-evening. I had to leave work early yesterday because I had a fever, and basically I have felt like a vegetable for the past four days. I am praying to God that this is the end of me being sick, since my sister and company will be flying in this weekend, but timing couldn't have possibly been worse with that coming and me getting sick right before my work weekend. I was fortunately able to work the majority of my work weekend and I have enough sick time to cover what I didn't work. All in all though it was a good day at work with surprisingly no major negative behaviors. My set of days off has arrived at last! I am so very, very relieved. Now hopefully I can get rest up and kick this virus out of my system for good.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blah but Still Kicking.

Well my horrendous fever broke around 2am this morning, after my body had shed a couple gallons of perspiration; it was so annoying trying to find a dry spot to sleep once I was able to since my head wasn't pounding anymore. I was able to get up and go to work at 6:22am with very little difficulty; towards the evening I wore a washcloth around my head to keep it cool and was outside and it all worked out fairly well. Only one SED proved a challenge but fortunately he turned his behavior around without blowing completely up. Thank you everyone for your prayers, and hopefully tonight there is no fever and I can sleep restfully, if not then....yuck! I want to say thank you to my co-worker Ari for making a delicious meal at work. I forget the name of it, but it was so incredibly tasty, and I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't sick. Here's hoping tomorrow goes well. I hope everyone stays in good health since apparently this "bug" is going all around getting people sick; it sucks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm So Bloody Sick.

Remember those things I wrote about life getting in the way of writing....well today is the perfect example. I slept horribly for God only knows why, and then I wake up like I have this massive hangover or something (I'm not quite certain what entirely that feels like since I've never been drunk before, but it seemed to fit the bill from what people explained about their experiences.) I felt blah pretty much all day, and after calling my mother and confirming it was because I have a virus in my body, everything made sense. However, stubborn as ever I still went and saw X-Men Origins: First Class. Now because I am so miserably sick with a fever and my body shaking, I can't really write everything that I usually do; that will have to wait for another time, and hopefully I can kick this dumb virus in the backside like yesterday. All in all my suspicions were correct; the film wasn't really that good and I will give it an "Admirable Ability." Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and Kevin Bacon (the villain) were the best parts of the film. The story needed to center more around Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr and their relationship, not the superfluous X-Men whom you never hear about again after the film. The mistake made on this film was the same that they made with X-Men Origins: Wolverine; too much and too over the top. There was a fair amount of stuff that was good, but I don't know how frequently I would watch this film. You decide though, perhaps a lot of you will enjoy it. Well I'm about to pass out, or vomit, so with all of that said, good health to everyone, and pray for me that I am feeling better enough to go to work tomorrow; now is a really bad time for me to call out sick, especially with my work week just beginning.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Bad Omen....?

Unfortunately today didn't really go as I had wanted. I was very, very lazy until the end of the afternoon at which point I did do some writing, but not as much as I wanted. Perhaps it was because I wrote a very emotionally powerful scene from my short story, which might have drained me, but with Surviving My Life I have reached the near end. If I stay true to course and push myself I might be able to finish it tomorrow, but considering what I have on my plate for tomorrow it may or may not happen. Who knows. During dinner I sat myself down and watched something that I have been wanting to see for a very long time: The Omen. And it is the classic film, not the new one (which I haven't seen, so I have no way of knowing how good it is). Considering it's a horror type film, it's going to naturally have less than usual Watch-ability, but for all intents and purposes I enjoyed the film so I am going to give it a Moderate rating. As for Escape-ability, let's just say that the characters and the reality of what the storyline was telling became very....real while watching the film; I give it a High. For Enjoy-ability well....I don't necessarily enjoy seeing people in pain, dying and being tortured and what not but I did enjoy the storyline, plot, characters and what not; very well done so therefore a High. For Artistic-ability, I was annoyed that it looked like it was made in the seventies, and the wardrobe was so blah. I'm going to give it a Low. For Technical-ability I'll begin by writing that the music by Jerry Goldsmith was fabulous (see attached youtube video), I enjoyed the cinematography, and the lighting was fantastic; it really evoked a surreal mood. Richard Donner did an excellent job directing the film. A high rating for the technical aspects. All in all, for the 1976 version of The Omen I'm giving it an "Admirable Ability" (which means it's essentially good, but not great). I liked the idea of the film and the cast Gregory Peck and David Warner are amongst some of my favorites. It was a delightful....escape, even though it is a rather diabolical and hideous plot line, the ending is good though. If you like scary like films of a religious/cult like nature, then watch it, if not and you're like my sister and will have nightmares best to avoid it. X-Men: Origins tomorrow, so we'll see if all of the hype was really worth it. Goodnight and beware of children who appear more than what they are......just kidding.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Project Down....

...Two more to go: finishing up Surviving My Life and finishing the second round of edits to my second book. Well after doing nothing productive for a good part of the day, I spent 3 hours finishing my friend's audio drama story. Hand written at 42 pages in length, I now have to transcribe it on the computer and touch it up and then send it to him. I must admit that it is quite a relief to have it all finished at last, and reflecting back on it, it's a little weird. Here I have done it again; created something out of nothing essentially. I have created a world of my own making, with new characters and new ideas to go along with it. Thinking about all of that is kind of cool and one of the things about writing that I love. Creating these worlds, characters, cultures, and technologies is funnest part for me during the writing process. After I've done all of that, and the novelty wears off, I begin to grow tired often of writing the overall story and then finishing it. I must admit that by the time I had gotten to the climax of the story that I was writing for my friend that I was so over it all; I just wanted to be finished and that's why I pushed myself all the way today. I am ready for a new project, which is why I am hoping to finish the others quickly. I am hoping to do the same thing for Surviving My Life tomorrow, and or on Friday if necessary as well. That one could take about five hours or more to complete if done in succession and all of my attention is focused, but sometimes that is asking for a little too much. I will give it a go though. Aside from a few piddly things, that was my day. I was going to watch a film, but wasn't feeling it so I watched some Law & Order: Criminal Intent and then I watched X-Men:United. Which is the best of the three original X-Men films (in my humble opinion) and it is a film which really shows Bryan Singer's talent as a director. The newest of the franchise comes out this Friday, and we'll see how it does with all of the criterion. Oh, and happy June to everyone (my word, I can't believe it's a new month already!)