Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Unusual Tuesday

For the most part, on Tuesdays I don't get much done because of cleaning and I'm doing something in the form of relaxing or taking a load off. Today was much different though, I did all of those things, but I worked on my website a lot. I was finally able to finish up my list of composers with Atli Orvarsson, Tim Wynn, and Trevor Rabin. Now I will begin featuring a composer once every two weeks or so on the website, at least that is my goal, or I might shoot for once a month; with my schedule I don't know how consistent I'll be able to make it. That's the unfortunate thing about working full time and writing as well as managing an entire website that you try to keep updated weekly. I was also able to put together my rating system on my website, and I think it looks pretty good so far-Film Review System. The point of me creating this system was so I could rate a film that I didn't necessary want to write a review on. Also it would give readers a quick indicator of whether or not they would want to try watching or not watch the film at all without reading the entire review. In theory it sounds great, but I guess I'll find out when I put it to practice. I began reading this book I got from the library on Attila the Hun, and it is quite fascinating so far. From what I've read and understood historians are uncertain where the Huns really came from, other than the large geographical area of Asia, and that they came across the Danube River. I won't bore all of you with the theories though, but it is a very fascinating read so far. A little tid bit of wisdom for people out there just starting out on their own that was never told to me; never room with someone or go in on a joint venture or intertwine yourself to anyone financially without first seeing all of their bank records. I am learning this the hard way with my roommate. The whole situation sucks for both of us, yet we're both kind of trapped for the time being; life really sucks, and anyone who thinks contrary is really fortunate and or lucky.

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