Friday, May 6, 2011

Thunder and Hammer.

Well I hope all of you are ready for the 2011 blockbuster season to begin because it at last! THOR opened today, and of course I saw it and wrote a very lovely review of it. It is a good start for what looks to be a very promising season. I have a feeling that THOR will do nicely since Priest will be of little competition and Pirates of the Caribbean is still some ways off. Watching this film has encouraged me to return to reading Norse mythology, which I tried to read back in 2008, but it was a little heavy at the time and my job at the time required me to be distracted by more superfluous fiction and forms of entertainment. I suggest that everyone should go see THOR, that is if you enjoy action films with a great story. Aside from that, the day was rather boring. I chatted for a bit on the telephone with me mum and wished her a happy mother's day since I'll be working all weekend. I also was busy assembling my new Blu-ray player which is very cool. I tried Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 bonus features and it worked nicely; I can't wait to watch an actual film and see how much difference there is and isn't. I've been on a James Bond kick since a good majority of them are on Netflix instant play and tonight I watched The Spy Who Loved Me, and surprisingly it was one of the better ones, despite the cheesy lines and chauvinistic tendencies that the main character possesses. Work starts tomorrow, but since I won't be working in the morning, it should be a rather simple day, at least I hope. Have a good weekend everyone, my work week yet again is just beginning.

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