Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tantrum Central.

I'm not quite certain why children tantrum when they know it won't get them anything. I don't know how many of the SED's had tantrums, but it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. Fortunately most of them weren't violent, but there was this one SED and he was off the chain all day. He went after a couple of SED girls and exchanged loud and foul words with other staff members on multiple occasions. He really is one child that I'm quite uncertain what to do with, but fortunately he does listen to me even when he doesn't want to or likes what I'm asking him to do. I definitely earned my pay today, and although it wasn't stressful it was just tiring because it was one behavior after the other almost all night. Even when one SED was acting all crazy I was the bud of calm and did so well being understanding and speaking softly yet firmly. I was impressed that I didn't bite the SED's head off. It all ended well and me along with several other SED's are looking forward to the writing group party tomorrow. Lot's of good food and dessert. What could go wrong?

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