Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suicide Hike.

Well this morning I got up bright and early to go hiking. I thought it would be a delightful, scenic, and relaxing hike. It was far from any of that. While I had a....good time, it was long, very hot outside, and the last part of the hike was oh so steep and I kept pushing myself and pushing myself until my legs felt like they couldn't go any further. I almost vomited numerous times, and not only was I exhausted when I got back to my apartment but I was also sunburned on many parts of my body which proved discomforting throughout the day. To say the least, I was not capable of being productive after that. I felt like a big fat potato that someone had squeezed. I was able to write some more of the audio drama but that was unfortunately it. I had planned to write my rabbit hole story, but the hike kind of eliminated that option. Oh well, there is tomorrow and next week even though I was hoping to have it finished this week. That goes to show that not everything can happen according to plan. I watched another episode about our universe, from the History Channel, and it was about Mars. It was interesting to a point, but far less useful than learning about the sun and far more boring. In summary, Mars is really cold, has gigantic volcanoes, an environment of basically carbon dioxide, an average temperature of -100 below zero Fahrenheit during the night, and they think that there is frozen water under the surface of the planet which they believe is the Rosetta stone in proving that there is or was life on Mars. Personally, I'm glad I live on a planet with running water and green foliage. Tomorrow should be fun as THOR is being released in theaters. Good night everyone, and to those that celebrate it Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Note: Correction on the blog for Tuesday, I believe. The Star Wars saga will not be available on Blu-ray until September of this year. I'm not quite sure why there was a bunch of hubub about it yesterday if they weren't going to release it, but there you have it. Only....a couple more months remaining.

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