Monday, May 30, 2011


Well even though I got a huge clod of mud thrown at me (landed squarely on my chest) my writing group party was very successful. The SED's loved all of the food that I made, as did the staff that partook of it, and overall the party went very well. Albeit things didn't necessarily go as I had planned, but in this field things rarely ever do, and can't ever really expect them to either. It was a very, very busy and rushed day. I was at work nigh the entire day, and most of it revolved around getting ready for my party, but also dealing with this one SED (the kid who threw the clump of mud at me) who decided to act a fool over taking a shower. I swear this child is the dumbest, yet most intelligent kid I have met in a while. A pity he won't use his brains for anything really positive, although it doesn't really help when his mother hasn't a clue how to be a good mother. The cold is still lingering, but much better. Hopefully by the time my days off are over I will be completely better. Thank you to all of the armed forces that keep world a safer and better place, to all of the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for something greater then their own personal gain, and to all of the veterans that remind us that freedom, liberty, and change cost something far precious than piddly wants and desires. God bless you all.

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