Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stressful Surprises.

One would like to think that your first day off wouldn't be filled with a very stressful event that wasn't related to eustress (positive stress), yet receiving a call from the leasing office from my apartment complex letting me know that one of the checks for rent bounced just set the tone for a very unproductive day. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done, but that doesn't really take any brain/thinking power though, and when I tried to write I just couldn't rouse the creative juices inside of me that much. Stress that is out of my control tends to inhibit me creatively. I was able to write a little bit of the audio drama and I think I've reached the halfway point on that, but the more difficult part is coming up. One of my editors also finished editing book 2 so I'm going to be busy looking over that, and I am also going to be working on a project involving book 1. The days ahead are going to be filled with a lot of stress, so what happened today with my roommate's inept acumen skills just is something I don't need to deal with. It's so vexing, but one must go on otherwise you'll find yourself trapped hating the world and everyone who appears to make everything go wrong. Bitterness is a very hollow way to survive this planet. Lately I've been watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent as I was getting a little tired of SVU, but I am getting tired of the good guys always winning; that's what made me stop watching it years ago and then switching to SVU. It gives me something to watch and unwind though so I won't complain. Oh and on top of all of the day's early stress I watched a documentary in the series about the universe concerning apocalyptic scenarios that could happen to earth. So watch out for asteroids, explosive gamma rays, and you don't want to be around earth in 50 billion years as the earth will either be a frozen rock or the entire universe will have collapsed. Now doesn't that just make your day.

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