Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Productive Overshadowing.

Today in many ways was much better than yesterday. Despite some drama and stress still remaining I was able to more adequately control it and move on with the day, which turned out to be quite productive. I don't think I've had this kind of productive day in weeks. I was able to not only have some fun but write some of my friend's audio drama, create pages for the film composers Michael Giacchino and Nicholas Hooper, come up with a new rating system for reviewing films, I wrote a good portion of my rabbit hole story, and I also reviewed some of the edits that my first editor made to book 2. Now that is a frelling mouthful, a person whose watched far too much Farscape would say. Honestly I haven't a single clue how today was so unusually productive, and if I did then I would make certain the same formula was followed each day that I wrote and went about my business. It was actually profoundly difficult doing Nicholas Hooper's page as the man had no decent photo on the web that I could locate, but coming up with the new review rating system was actually easier than I had anticipated. I'll debut it on the blog soon. I tried to be simplistic, new, and interesting while conveying all of the pertinent information that would or would not indicate whether or not a film was good or bad. Hopefully everyone likes it; I think it's pretty awesome. I'm getting closer to the climax of the audio drama and getting close to the climax of the rabbit hole story as well; I actually just finished writing a very heart wrenching scene. I might actually post a sample on my website since it's taking me so long to finish writing it; then all of you can see the craziness that I've been up to for so long. Well I don't know if tomorrow will be as productive, but if not then I think I did fairly well enough today to cover for it all. Goodnight and good luck.

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