Sunday, May 15, 2011

Losing the Bud of Calm. wasn't strenuous, but the presence of one in particular female client was almost more than I could manage without blowing up. This SED girl is wretched and rude that she needs to be horse whipped and spanked a lot. She is about eight years old but has the mindset of a snotty thirteen year old spoiled brat, but a million times worse. It took so much patience to ignore this SED and let what she did go, and even still I must admit that I really don't care for her. Aside from that large blip, it was a rather fine day; although this one kid blew up and climbed a fence remarkably quickly and then also got down relatively quickly as well. You would think that I would get use to his shouting and screaming, but still I find it difficult to maintain a calm composure. All in all it was a good work day, although long; my co-worker Karen W. was amazing and was able to get a lot of cleaning in which made the cottage so much more orderly looking and clean. One more day of work and then more rest, and hopefully this time I won't have any roommate related stress.

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