Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lame Day

Despite being able to breathe through my nose as I slept thanks to the nose spray "Afrin" I woke up around 5am with both of my ears completely...well you know that feeling when you need to pop your ears because of the pressure, well that is what it felt like accept they wouldn't really pop. I went back to sleep, although I think it was less sound. After I got up and sat my head upright then it got much better, and even more so when I finally blew my nose. Apparently being sick is going to affect me for the remainder of the week unfortunately. Today however I felt much better, so at least that much is improving despite my ear popping and nose blowing. After my morning routine I came across something on YouTube that I have been meaning to look up for quite some time. When I was very, very young instead of the Disney Animated classic of Snow White we had on VHS what was called Snow White Live which was a stage production of the story put on by Disney I believe. It's really, really cool and seeing certain parts of it again brought back a lot of fuzzy childhood memories...and I mean that in the positive sense. The clip I chose was when the wicked queen turns into the old hag, which I always loved when I was young; even then I was cheering for the villains. There are also other clips on YouTube if you're interested in more of the show. Perhaps one day someone will upload the whole thing, but probably not; it's old and I suppose they would put another production together versus putting the old one up. I was able to go over a good portion of the edits for my second book which was awesome and I'm hoping to them done by tomorrow (depending on what I have on my schedule). Pardon me while I blow my nose...........................................Oh that's better. Umm.....oh yeah that's where I was going. I wrote some more of my audio drama and am getting really close to the climax. It's actually going to be very complicated to write, what with all of the abstract action going on since it's purely audio. Ultimately for today I was on my computer playing games a lot and watching television, although I did read some more on Attila the Hun. Did you know there is this one dude in Hungary, Lajos Kassai, who brought back mounted archery which hasn't really been seen since the Mongols departed Europe in 1242. He's done some major Guinness records of shooting multiple arrows, while riding at full gallop, in a matter of seconds, and always hitting his marks. He has an incredible story, and I hear a bunch of them want to make it an Olympic sport. Very fascinating subject and ya'll should look into it. That's all folks. Take care of yourselves, and never drink 100% Cranberry juice that hasn't been used past the due date.

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