Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jut One More Thing.

There is nothing worse than a crisis that then turns into three crises that are happening simultaneously. I thought I was going to flip my lid. This one SED was what we call out of programming/area for about 2 hours simply because he didn't want to go to bed when he was supposed to. Two other SED's felt the same way about going inside when it was time to do so, and so they went running about the facility throwing dirt clods and shouting all manner of ridiculous things. Eventually all three of them were able to calm down, but let me tell you; it was very stressful for me, especially when I wasn't getting any help, and had very little control of the situation. It was just a very long day at work, and I had to dodge this one kid's shoes and other stuff he was hurling at me. He was angry at his mother and was taking it out on me; I essentially became mom for all intents and purposes and he was targeting me. Such a lovely boy. Well after all of the paperwork I kept finding one more thing that I had to do (hence the title) until I was rechecking stuff I had already done; I must have looked so ragged and dreadful. I hope a lot of sleep gets rid of all of that weariness, because tomorrow is thankfully my last day before my days off!

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