Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's All About Survival.

Honestly I don't really remember where the time today went. I vaguely remember relaxing for a long, long time, and then I went to work for a little while to spend some time with an SED (I'm what's called his primary counselor, and we spend one on one time with the kid each week). I spoke to me mum afterwards, watched Dead Man's Chest and then set to work on getting a preview for my rabbit hole story on my website. I was hoping to have the story completed this week, but a preview is what ya'll are going to have to settle for. The title I chose for the story is Surviving My Life. It was actually very difficult to come up with a title, and for now I settled with that one. It's always very difficult for me to create a title and tends to be the last thing that I do. However, time isn't my ally like it use to be, and I have to be flexible with my creative...process. I really feel that by the time that I am finished this will be the finest short story that I have ever written and published on my website. I feel it shows not only a lot of growth in my skill as a writer, but also my maturity as an individual who is slowly experiencing all kinds of things in the world that shouldn't be, and hearing stories that are beyond horrifying. This story that I am writing is very, very dark and disturbing so don't be expected to laugh and find merriment. I purposely wrote it to be disturbing and ghastly, because most individuals who've experienced the kind of abuse that I am portraying tend to be that way in some form or another that I've come across so far in life. As always the purpose of the story is to get people to think, and hopefully think of something else besides themselves. The world is very unpleasant, and we the people who live in the United States of America whether rich or poor, young and old live in the sweet spot and therefore often forget that. I really hope that I don't experience the true horrors of life in the remaining time that I have left on earth, but if I do, then I hope I have the courage and determination of my main character Jacob to survive. I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to reading the whole story when it is finished.

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