Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Spots!

Well happy May 1st everyone, and it seems according to the news that this May was a very eventful day. For me though it was simply tiring. At work the big wigs decided to put on this family get together day with the SED's, their families, and other people involved with making their life more.......pleasant and bearable. You'd think that this overall would be a good thing, but it really wasn't. All day so many of the SED's were crying, tantruming, getting angry, and just so ridiculously emotional. In the end I and several other staff found ourselves putting out little fires here and there (metaphorically speaking of course) and it was exhausting. This one SED busted up his solid wood door a little, another SED got naked and danced in front of a window while playing with his penis, and so many cried, whined, and instigated each other. Yep, this is what I deal with at work all of the time. So I'm really tired and sleepy and so very thankful that tomorrow marks the last day I work before I get my days off. As the world continues to change, I hope all of us continue to remain safe and free.

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