Saturday, May 28, 2011


And no it wasn't that kind of a bite. Well....this is rather odd short story. So this one SED who I call "the bottomless pit" because he eats a ton of food, was really hungry tonight and wanted his pizza like yesterday. I of course told him to be patient and wait, and he said he was so hungry he could eat my arm. I sarcastically held my arm out and said go right ahead. Unfortunately he took me completely literally and clamped down on the back of my hand leaving a nice sized welt and teeth marks. I of course exclaimed in pain and asked him what the heck he was doing, and he said that I had offered. To say the least, the kid apparently hadn't a clue that I was speaking figuratively and actually joking; I never thought that he'd actually do it. So I learned my lesson. There is still some pain, but the teeth marks have gone away replaced by a kind of bruise. I am just very thankful the SOB didn't break skin. Other than that it was a fairly painless day; my three most difficult clients were gone all day long, so that was a blessed relief. There was one touching moment, this one SED told me he had a headache, so while my co-worker was getting him something for it he was telling me how much he missed his family. I told him that sucked and that I wished there was something that I could do to help, and he asked if I could adopt him. When those moments happen, that's what makes this job worthwhile. This kid has a particular difficulty disclosing his emotions and what not, so when it happens that means as a staff I am making headway. Tomorrow should be good and hopefully not like last Sunday; that was so blah.

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