Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the Blood.

It's great to be watching Dexter again after so long thank goodness. I thought that I'd never get that DVD from the Netflix queue. I'm hoping that the 3rd season was as good as the 2nd season. I posted a video that features some of the music from the series; it is often featured at the end of each episode, but sometimes it also weaves its way into various episodes. The music possesses a certain quality that thrills me but also creeps me out as well; I guess that's what makes the television show thrive amongst fans. That is essentially Dexter Morgan; very thrilling but again very creepy since he has that anti-social personality disorder stuff going on. Anyways, I thought that it was cool. On a lighter note, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl in anticipation of the fourth film coming out this Friday. Now I am going to debut my new website film review system with the first Pirates film. Out of the 5 Abilities I will give it a HIGH on "Watch-ability." A HIGH on "Escape-ability." A MODERATE on "Enjoy-ability" (Orlando Bloom annoyed me so much, and is the reason I don't watch it as often as I otherwise would). A MODERATE on "Artistic-ability" (much of everything was based on pre-existing material). And lastly, a HIGH for "Technical-ability." Given those rankings of the 5 Abilities, the film in general has a Strong Ability, which for my rating system means essentially a Medium-High rating, which is good. Most of the films I end up watching will mostly fall into that category. A film has to be nigh perfect (once more using my own personal criteria) to earn a Super Ability, but it can happen. Aside from relaxing and writing the audio drama, and a little after dinner reading on Attila the Hun, my day was uneventful. I was hankering for something sweet, so I made myself some lemon cupcakes and made a creamy and luscious lemon glaze to put over them. It was quite...umm.... scrumptious.

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