Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cooking and Laziness.

Today I was fairly busy as I was cleaning the apartment, running errands and getting ready for a dinner party at my place in the evening. In the midst of all of that I relaxed and did nothing really but chill on the computer. I made lasagna for dinner and it was delicious as ever, and we had brownies and cheesecake for dessert. It went really, really well and I had a great time with my friends. I didn't get any writing done today, but I really wasn't surprised as I knew from my work weekend and what was going to happen today. I woke up with a great deal of pain in my legs, which was from suddenly sprinting after that one SED at work the other day and running after him for a while. Goodness me I really need to exercise more, I am in such pathetic shape. Finding the time though as a busy writer, and my preferred leisure activities don't really run that direction, is highly difficult. I like hiking and outdoor stuff, but I like doing it with few if any people around, and I like it to be near where I live without going through a lot of crazy traffic to get there. Living in San Diego doesn't make that easy. I know, I am very picky; it's that eccentric creative side of me. I really am hoping this week to finish going over a lot of the edits for book 2, finishing the audio drama, and completing the short story Surviving My Life. But we'll see how life gets in the way.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Well even though I got a huge clod of mud thrown at me (landed squarely on my chest) my writing group party was very successful. The SED's loved all of the food that I made, as did the staff that partook of it, and overall the party went very well. Albeit things didn't necessarily go as I had planned, but in this field things rarely ever do, and can't ever really expect them to either. It was a very, very busy and rushed day. I was at work nigh the entire day, and most of it revolved around getting ready for my party, but also dealing with this one SED (the kid who threw the clump of mud at me) who decided to act a fool over taking a shower. I swear this child is the dumbest, yet most intelligent kid I have met in a while. A pity he won't use his brains for anything really positive, although it doesn't really help when his mother hasn't a clue how to be a good mother. The cold is still lingering, but much better. Hopefully by the time my days off are over I will be completely better. Thank you to all of the armed forces that keep world a safer and better place, to all of the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their lives for something greater then their own personal gain, and to all of the veterans that remind us that freedom, liberty, and change cost something far precious than piddly wants and desires. God bless you all.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tantrum Central.

I'm not quite certain why children tantrum when they know it won't get them anything. I don't know how many of the SED's had tantrums, but it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. Fortunately most of them weren't violent, but there was this one SED and he was off the chain all day. He went after a couple of SED girls and exchanged loud and foul words with other staff members on multiple occasions. He really is one child that I'm quite uncertain what to do with, but fortunately he does listen to me even when he doesn't want to or likes what I'm asking him to do. I definitely earned my pay today, and although it wasn't stressful it was just tiring because it was one behavior after the other almost all night. Even when one SED was acting all crazy I was the bud of calm and did so well being understanding and speaking softly yet firmly. I was impressed that I didn't bite the SED's head off. It all ended well and me along with several other SED's are looking forward to the writing group party tomorrow. Lot's of good food and dessert. What could go wrong?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


And no it wasn't that kind of a bite. Well....this is rather odd short story. So this one SED who I call "the bottomless pit" because he eats a ton of food, was really hungry tonight and wanted his pizza like yesterday. I of course told him to be patient and wait, and he said he was so hungry he could eat my arm. I sarcastically held my arm out and said go right ahead. Unfortunately he took me completely literally and clamped down on the back of my hand leaving a nice sized welt and teeth marks. I of course exclaimed in pain and asked him what the heck he was doing, and he said that I had offered. To say the least, the kid apparently hadn't a clue that I was speaking figuratively and actually joking; I never thought that he'd actually do it. So I learned my lesson. There is still some pain, but the teeth marks have gone away replaced by a kind of bruise. I am just very thankful the SOB didn't break skin. Other than that it was a fairly painless day; my three most difficult clients were gone all day long, so that was a blessed relief. There was one touching moment, this one SED told me he had a headache, so while my co-worker was getting him something for it he was telling me how much he missed his family. I told him that sucked and that I wished there was something that I could do to help, and he asked if I could adopt him. When those moments happen, that's what makes this job worthwhile. This kid has a particular difficulty disclosing his emotions and what not, so when it happens that means as a staff I am making headway. Tomorrow should be good and hopefully not like last Sunday; that was so blah.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Baking and the Sith.

"Peace is a lie, there is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me." -Darth Bane

I really like baking and I really like Star Wars, so when I am able to do both of them at the same time then it's a very good day. As I mentioned on the previous day, it was going to be a busy day for me today. After I got my morning under way I had to go grocery shopping for my writing group for work. We are celebrating me running the writing group  for a year now. I cannot believe that much time has passed. I am making tacos, but the real stuff to die for will be the desserts that I made today. Chocolaty Brownies (completely from scratch), and no mixes, pre-made stuff or canned fillings were used for anything I made. A luscious apple pie, and strawberry cheesecake. I think all of the SED's will have a good time and hopefully there will be no problems. It took me essentially all day (with some gaps) to make all three of those things, but each of them came out fantastically and I'm hoping they each taste that way as well. While I was in the middle of making the brownies and the pie, I watched Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith hence the quote from the Infamous Dark Lord of the Sith above (I know far too much about Star Wars don't remind me). It was also the first time I had seen it on a blu-ray player on a high-def television with all of the specs to enhance it as well (cables and what not). There was a huge difference between seeing it that way and the way I was use to. More of the effects were brought to the forefront and the sound also was better; the film overall had much more depth and vividness to it. Definitely the way to watch Star Wars. Now I might have noticed all of those things because I have seen the movies probably at least three times or so each year since they were released, and the older ones I've lost count. What got me interested to see that particular Episode was Jimmy Smits. He plays Galactic Senator Bail Organa (Princess Leia's father) but I have been watching him in Dexter as of late, and it's fascinating to see the remarkable differences between the two characters. I won't spoil anything if you haven't watched the show, but let's just say they're on opposite ends of spectrum. Also I remember him playing a President Elect in The West Wing. He is an amazing actor. I don't know what ya'll think of that quote of there, but it is something to think about at least in practical living for today, not as Jedi or Sith. After five days of no work, I shall be returning tomorrow; we'll see how it goes.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Too Much War.

Yes I have a confession to make....I played far too much Medieval Total War today. But the good news is that I was able to do fair bit of writing, and I did read more of my Attila the Hun book, so it's not like I wasted an entire day in front of the computer, merely just a good portion of it. Not quite certain if that is any kind of consolation prize, but there ya have it. Today I remain sick, but my nose is merely stuffed up; I was hacking a little, but took something to break down the mucus and then I was doing much better. It sucks so much being sick. I have been sick four days and counting, and although I believe I am getting better it is simply taking far too long. Someone needs to figure out how to beat the evolving cold virus, and make certain that it is inexpensive and practical. Probably will never happen, but it would be nice. I am now at the climax for my audio story! Which means I am getting closer to being finished. I think the story outline is at 33 pages or so as of right now. If that doesn't seem like a lot, I took a 35 page story outline and wrote a 542 page book. So looks can really be deceiving...wait a minute! Strike that, reverse that. I actually just finished writing more of Surviving My Life, which I wrote a final outline of it today. I have one really difficult part left to write, and then the remaining parts will be much easier for me. I might actually have some difficulty wrapping all of this up quickly to where it flows and makes sense. All in all, it is turning out to be a much longer short story then I had anticipated, which is good in the long run except for the part where it takes me a long time to get it completed and posted. Soon though I will be finished with that and my audio drama and able to move onto other projects. I've had it in my mind to write another modern war story and then return to the immortals as well since I liked what I was coming up with those two genres. Well tomorrow should be a rather busy day since I always leave everything to the last day before work for some odd reason. Hopefully the nose stuffiness will have vacated my body by that point and time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lame Day

Despite being able to breathe through my nose as I slept thanks to the nose spray "Afrin" I woke up around 5am with both of my ears completely...well you know that feeling when you need to pop your ears because of the pressure, well that is what it felt like accept they wouldn't really pop. I went back to sleep, although I think it was less sound. After I got up and sat my head upright then it got much better, and even more so when I finally blew my nose. Apparently being sick is going to affect me for the remainder of the week unfortunately. Today however I felt much better, so at least that much is improving despite my ear popping and nose blowing. After my morning routine I came across something on YouTube that I have been meaning to look up for quite some time. When I was very, very young instead of the Disney Animated classic of Snow White we had on VHS what was called Snow White Live which was a stage production of the story put on by Disney I believe. It's really, really cool and seeing certain parts of it again brought back a lot of fuzzy childhood memories...and I mean that in the positive sense. The clip I chose was when the wicked queen turns into the old hag, which I always loved when I was young; even then I was cheering for the villains. There are also other clips on YouTube if you're interested in more of the show. Perhaps one day someone will upload the whole thing, but probably not; it's old and I suppose they would put another production together versus putting the old one up. I was able to go over a good portion of the edits for my second book which was awesome and I'm hoping to them done by tomorrow (depending on what I have on my schedule). Pardon me while I blow my nose...........................................Oh that's better. Umm.....oh yeah that's where I was going. I wrote some more of my audio drama and am getting really close to the climax. It's actually going to be very complicated to write, what with all of the abstract action going on since it's purely audio. Ultimately for today I was on my computer playing games a lot and watching television, although I did read some more on Attila the Hun. Did you know there is this one dude in Hungary, Lajos Kassai, who brought back mounted archery which hasn't really been seen since the Mongols departed Europe in 1242. He's done some major Guinness records of shooting multiple arrows, while riding at full gallop, in a matter of seconds, and always hitting his marks. He has an incredible story, and I hear a bunch of them want to make it an Olympic sport. Very fascinating subject and ya'll should look into it. That's all folks. Take care of yourselves, and never drink 100% Cranberry juice that hasn't been used past the due date.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Sick.

All day long I've felt like an elephant with a trunk full of water. Being sick not only saps me of my energy but also my creative energy. I did get some writing in of my short story Surviving My Life but that was it. I spent the rest of the day sitting around doing nothing and watching re-runs of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. I have no idea why my nose has to be all stuffed up because I'm sick, but it's a bloody pain in the neck especially with no matter how many times I blow it, it remains completely stuffed up. I really hope after tomorrow things begin to feel better because I am wasting so much time waiting for this cold to go away; fortunately because of my job situation this is happening on my days off. Well here's to good health and a prayer that I sleep really well tonight and am able to breathe through my nose.

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Interstellar Super Mutant Virus.....

...Empires have fallen at the sight of this pox!" That was a great line from the old Fox Kids show "The Tick" when our superhero had an "uncommon" cold. What a great show. Unfortunately though I had something akin to that when I woke up at 2:30am with a sore throat and then periodically throughout the rest of the morning. Around 8am or so I called work and told them I was sick and wouldn't make it, which I didn't really want to do, but I felt like crap and would be useless to anyone. I slept until 12:30pm and would have slept longer but I got a phone call waking me up and after which I started my day. Let me just say this one thing; I HATE BEING SICK! The worst part is trying to sleep when your nose is so congested that you can't breathe through it, which keeps you from sleeping which in the long run keeps you from getting better. The day was blah. Besides doing laundry and watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and some television shows my day was just surviving. I made a trip to Target to get something more for my congestion and I wanted a drug that had pseudo-ephedrine in it, but since I believe it is an ingredient for some illegal drug you have to get it from the pharmacy which was closed by the time I had gotten there. I was sorely vexed because phenlphrene or whatever the heck it's called doesn't work for me and that is all they had. Instead I got this mist stuff that I put in my nose, and it took the congestion away fairly quickly. Now I just have the sore throat and other lovely symptoms. Work would have been so much easier to deal with (and cheaper) than a cold. Well I hope and pray that it get's out of my system quickly; I really don't want to make the time to deal with an irritant such as this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jut One More Thing.

There is nothing worse than a crisis that then turns into three crises that are happening simultaneously. I thought I was going to flip my lid. This one SED was what we call out of programming/area for about 2 hours simply because he didn't want to go to bed when he was supposed to. Two other SED's felt the same way about going inside when it was time to do so, and so they went running about the facility throwing dirt clods and shouting all manner of ridiculous things. Eventually all three of them were able to calm down, but let me tell you; it was very stressful for me, especially when I wasn't getting any help, and had very little control of the situation. It was just a very long day at work, and I had to dodge this one kid's shoes and other stuff he was hurling at me. He was angry at his mother and was taking it out on me; I essentially became mom for all intents and purposes and he was targeting me. Such a lovely boy. Well after all of the paperwork I kept finding one more thing that I had to do (hence the title) until I was rechecking stuff I had already done; I must have looked so ragged and dreadful. I hope a lot of sleep gets rid of all of that weariness, because tomorrow is thankfully my last day before my days off!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here!

I don't know how all of this "Judgment Day" stuff reverberated throughout the world, but here in the grand old U.S.A people were flocking around the notion that the end of the world was going to happen marked by some sort of cataclysmic earthquake. Yeah whatever, everyone is still here, including the individuals who thought that they'd get swept up into Heaven or whatever. You know, back in the Old Testament of the Bible the Hebrews would stone a prophet if the prophesy he or she proclaimed was incorrect. It was only if it was correct that they knew the prophet was sent from Yahweh (God). A pity some things go out of vogue; perhaps a lot less people would be led astray by self absorbed imbeciles. Work went well, although one of the SED's flashed me his...well...you get the picture, and he did it twice. The mere reflection of the memory makes me want to vomit. Other than all of that the day was routine, but many of the SED's were out of sorts which was kind of frustrating. We watched the Walt Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the kids actually liked it, despite one of them calling it too old to watch, but he soon got into it. Walt certainly had a talent for making excellent films and crafting good stories; a pity that Walt Disney Studios hasn't retained the caliber.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's a Pirate's Life for Me.

Today was boorishly uneventful. Upon finishing my morning ablutions I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in 3-D. Well...it was good. I'm going to give it a Moderate on "Watch-ability;" it was good but there were times when it was like, come on seriously. A High on "Escape-ability;" the world was totally immersible, and I was hardly bored. I'll give it a Moderate for "Enjoy-ability;" despite liking the film and having a good time, it wasn't sensational. It receives a Moderate for "Artistic-ability;" a lot of the style was drawn from the previous films and already existing material. Definitely a High for "Technical-ability;" special effects, cinematography, music, and lighting were excellent amongst many other things. It was also the best film I've seen in 3-D aside from Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. Things really jumped out at you like I believe they're supposed to in this format. Based on all of that, the film receives a Strong Ability from me. It's good and relatively enjoyable; Johnny Depp as always makes the film. I attempted to write some more of Surviving My Life, but aside from the film review my laziness won out. It's really annoying; when I want to write my artistic juices aren't flowing, and when I'm busy doing something else, or want to do something else they're on fire. I need a brain...creative indicator measurer thing. Well, work starts up again tomorrow. My goodness, it's hard to believe that there is essentially only one more full week of May before June. I better get working on all of those writing projects that I have to finish.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's All About Survival.

Honestly I don't really remember where the time today went. I vaguely remember relaxing for a long, long time, and then I went to work for a little while to spend some time with an SED (I'm what's called his primary counselor, and we spend one on one time with the kid each week). I spoke to me mum afterwards, watched Dead Man's Chest and then set to work on getting a preview for my rabbit hole story on my website. I was hoping to have the story completed this week, but a preview is what ya'll are going to have to settle for. The title I chose for the story is Surviving My Life. It was actually very difficult to come up with a title, and for now I settled with that one. It's always very difficult for me to create a title and tends to be the last thing that I do. However, time isn't my ally like it use to be, and I have to be flexible with my creative...process. I really feel that by the time that I am finished this will be the finest short story that I have ever written and published on my website. I feel it shows not only a lot of growth in my skill as a writer, but also my maturity as an individual who is slowly experiencing all kinds of things in the world that shouldn't be, and hearing stories that are beyond horrifying. This story that I am writing is very, very dark and disturbing so don't be expected to laugh and find merriment. I purposely wrote it to be disturbing and ghastly, because most individuals who've experienced the kind of abuse that I am portraying tend to be that way in some form or another that I've come across so far in life. As always the purpose of the story is to get people to think, and hopefully think of something else besides themselves. The world is very unpleasant, and we the people who live in the United States of America whether rich or poor, young and old live in the sweet spot and therefore often forget that. I really hope that I don't experience the true horrors of life in the remaining time that I have left on earth, but if I do, then I hope I have the courage and determination of my main character Jacob to survive. I hope you all enjoy it and look forward to reading the whole story when it is finished.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back to the Blood.

It's great to be watching Dexter again after so long thank goodness. I thought that I'd never get that DVD from the Netflix queue. I'm hoping that the 3rd season was as good as the 2nd season. I posted a video that features some of the music from the series; it is often featured at the end of each episode, but sometimes it also weaves its way into various episodes. The music possesses a certain quality that thrills me but also creeps me out as well; I guess that's what makes the television show thrive amongst fans. That is essentially Dexter Morgan; very thrilling but again very creepy since he has that anti-social personality disorder stuff going on. Anyways, I thought that it was cool. On a lighter note, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl in anticipation of the fourth film coming out this Friday. Now I am going to debut my new website film review system with the first Pirates film. Out of the 5 Abilities I will give it a HIGH on "Watch-ability." A HIGH on "Escape-ability." A MODERATE on "Enjoy-ability" (Orlando Bloom annoyed me so much, and is the reason I don't watch it as often as I otherwise would). A MODERATE on "Artistic-ability" (much of everything was based on pre-existing material). And lastly, a HIGH for "Technical-ability." Given those rankings of the 5 Abilities, the film in general has a Strong Ability, which for my rating system means essentially a Medium-High rating, which is good. Most of the films I end up watching will mostly fall into that category. A film has to be nigh perfect (once more using my own personal criteria) to earn a Super Ability, but it can happen. Aside from relaxing and writing the audio drama, and a little after dinner reading on Attila the Hun, my day was uneventful. I was hankering for something sweet, so I made myself some lemon cupcakes and made a creamy and luscious lemon glaze to put over them. It was quite...umm.... scrumptious.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Unusual Tuesday

For the most part, on Tuesdays I don't get much done because of cleaning and I'm doing something in the form of relaxing or taking a load off. Today was much different though, I did all of those things, but I worked on my website a lot. I was finally able to finish up my list of composers with Atli Orvarsson, Tim Wynn, and Trevor Rabin. Now I will begin featuring a composer once every two weeks or so on the website, at least that is my goal, or I might shoot for once a month; with my schedule I don't know how consistent I'll be able to make it. That's the unfortunate thing about working full time and writing as well as managing an entire website that you try to keep updated weekly. I was also able to put together my rating system on my website, and I think it looks pretty good so far-Film Review System. The point of me creating this system was so I could rate a film that I didn't necessary want to write a review on. Also it would give readers a quick indicator of whether or not they would want to try watching or not watch the film at all without reading the entire review. In theory it sounds great, but I guess I'll find out when I put it to practice. I began reading this book I got from the library on Attila the Hun, and it is quite fascinating so far. From what I've read and understood historians are uncertain where the Huns really came from, other than the large geographical area of Asia, and that they came across the Danube River. I won't bore all of you with the theories though, but it is a very fascinating read so far. A little tid bit of wisdom for people out there just starting out on their own that was never told to me; never room with someone or go in on a joint venture or intertwine yourself to anyone financially without first seeing all of their bank records. I am learning this the hard way with my roommate. The whole situation sucks for both of us, yet we're both kind of trapped for the time being; life really sucks, and anyone who thinks contrary is really fortunate and or lucky.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The New Mini Me!

It was another successful day at work. My writing group went well today and the chocolate cupcakes turned out very well. The one SED who is usually a gigantic terror, has been really good lately. He actually told me the other day that he needed to get his glasses so he could look more like me, and then he sat right next to me the same way that I was sitting. This comes from the kid mind you that has bit, punched, spit, and kicked me amongst other things. I think there's a good novel in there somewhere. I thought his imitation of me was very cool, and right now I'm telling him a bedtime story of a lightning rod wielder (I make it up as we go along and he loves it; always tries to get me to remain longer). It's amazing the change I've seen in him, once I broke through the barriers. Well my four days off begin once more, and I am going to put my best foot forward about getting everything done that I keep talking about getting done. Perhaps I'll actually get it all done.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Losing the Bud of Calm.

Well...work wasn't strenuous, but the presence of one in particular female client was almost more than I could manage without blowing up. This SED girl is so...so...viciously wretched and rude that she needs to be horse whipped and spanked a lot. She is about eight years old but has the mindset of a snotty thirteen year old spoiled brat, but a million times worse. It took so much patience to ignore this SED and let what she did go, and even still I must admit that I really don't care for her. Aside from that large blip, it was a rather fine day; although this one kid blew up and climbed a fence remarkably quickly and then also got down relatively quickly as well. You would think that I would get use to his shouting and screaming, but still I find it difficult to maintain a calm composure. All in all it was a good work day, although long; my co-worker Karen W. was amazing and was able to get a lot of cleaning in which made the cottage so much more orderly looking and clean. One more day of work and then more rest, and hopefully this time I won't have any roommate related stress.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tag Your It!

You know that when you're playing tag with a bunch of small children jumping around (trying to at least) like Spider-Man trying to catch everyone and then twist your foot/ankle...well you either need to call it a day for running all crazy like that or you need to exercise more; I certainly agree that I need to do the latter. Fortunately my foot is feeling immensely better, but for a while it was in a lot of pain, and when I got injured only the girls cared about it as the boys went back to playing without a word to me. I found that very interesting. Well I would say that the day went very well. Didn't have any major incidents, although this one kid about blew up over not being able to go hunt nature creatures and walk around outside (he has difficulty letting things go, and he has one violently, nasty temper). Away from all of that though, I'm going to get on my soapbox for a few seconds here and say to all of you parents and people who want to have children, to never make your kids feel guilty unless it is absolutely necessary once in a blue moon. There was this one girl that I work with, and she was speaking with her mother who was just ripping her apart about something; it was rather unpleasant, and in the end she even made a subtle, veiled threat to the girl. Very tragic, and the girl is actually very sweet and delightful; some individuals just let their own bitterness and anger poison other people instead of resolving it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

There's a Hole in the World Like a Great Black Pit...

...And it's filled with people who are filled with sh**..." Ah yes, those few opening lines to Sweeney Todd. If I may say it, yesterday was hell. Apparently Blogger was down which was why I couldn't post anything yesterday night when I was trying to, that was very frustrating, and my roommate issues were at their...highest peak that they have ever been at. The near debacle though was resolved today late afternoon and hopefully now a bright new future awaits us both. At least that is what I am hoping, or something along or close to those lines. Yesterday was mildly productive, although I can't really remember what I did or didn't do. I'd like to think that I was able to get some things accomplished, but I don't even know what those might have been since it was so full of stress. Today however was little stressful but I was too busy to really pay attention. I had training at work in the morning and then I ran quite a few errands which included a lovely trip to the library that I wish was larger. There was this library in Wisconsin that I use to go to all of the time and it was the perfect size; since then I have been unable to find a library to compare it to. I got a book on Attila the Hun and it looks like it is going to be pretty good from what I've read so far. I was feeling in the baking mood so I made some delicious pumpkin bread, which I will enjoy tomorrow, and I also watched Sweeney Todd; it always seems to brighten up my mood and creatively inspire me. I would have posted more on my website, but this wasn't the most...artistically inspiring week. I'm going to hopefully shoot for next week to finally complete my rabbit hole story, but things never seem to consistently go according to my plan.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Productive Overshadowing.

Today in many ways was much better than yesterday. Despite some drama and stress still remaining I was able to more adequately control it and move on with the day, which turned out to be quite productive. I don't think I've had this kind of productive day in weeks. I was able to not only have some fun but write some of my friend's audio drama, create pages for the film composers Michael Giacchino and Nicholas Hooper, come up with a new rating system for reviewing films, I wrote a good portion of my rabbit hole story, and I also reviewed some of the edits that my first editor made to book 2. Now that is a frelling mouthful, a person whose watched far too much Farscape would say. Honestly I haven't a single clue how today was so unusually productive, and if I did then I would make certain the same formula was followed each day that I wrote and went about my business. It was actually profoundly difficult doing Nicholas Hooper's page as the man had no decent photo on the web that I could locate, but coming up with the new review rating system was actually easier than I had anticipated. I'll debut it on the blog soon. I tried to be simplistic, new, and interesting while conveying all of the pertinent information that would or would not indicate whether or not a film was good or bad. Hopefully everyone likes it; I think it's pretty awesome. I'm getting closer to the climax of the audio drama and getting close to the climax of the rabbit hole story as well; I actually just finished writing a very heart wrenching scene. I might actually post a sample on my website since it's taking me so long to finish writing it; then all of you can see the craziness that I've been up to for so long. Well I don't know if tomorrow will be as productive, but if not then I think I did fairly well enough today to cover for it all. Goodnight and good luck.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stressful Surprises.

One would like to think that your first day off wouldn't be filled with a very stressful event that wasn't related to eustress (positive stress), yet receiving a call from the leasing office from my apartment complex letting me know that one of the checks for rent bounced just set the tone for a very unproductive day. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done, but that doesn't really take any brain/thinking power though, and when I tried to write I just couldn't rouse the creative juices inside of me that much. Stress that is out of my control tends to inhibit me creatively. I was able to write a little bit of the audio drama and I think I've reached the halfway point on that, but the more difficult part is coming up. One of my editors also finished editing book 2 so I'm going to be busy looking over that, and I am also going to be working on a project involving book 1. The days ahead are going to be filled with a lot of stress, so what happened today with my roommate's inept acumen skills just is something I don't need to deal with. It's so vexing, but one must go on otherwise you'll find yourself trapped hating the world and everyone who appears to make everything go wrong. Bitterness is a very hollow way to survive this planet. Lately I've been watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent as I was getting a little tired of SVU, but I am getting tired of the good guys always winning; that's what made me stop watching it years ago and then switching to SVU. It gives me something to watch and unwind though so I won't complain. Oh and on top of all of the day's early stress I watched a documentary in the series about the universe concerning apocalyptic scenarios that could happen to earth. So watch out for asteroids, explosive gamma rays, and you don't want to be around earth in 50 billion years as the earth will either be a frozen rock or the entire universe will have collapsed. Now doesn't that just make your day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A Bit of R & R.

Well after a weekend of work I am ready for some rest and relaxation. Today wasn't too bad either. The one SED who usually tantrums and has a dreadful day did actually quite well, while his brothers did very poorly. One of the brothers threw a rock and hit one of my co-workers right smack in the eye and sent him to the emergency room because they thought he had severe eye damage. Fortunately though he seems alright for now. I'm going to try and finish my rabbit hole story this week as it seems like it'll be mostly routine, but one never knows what life is going to throw your direction. I'm almost up to forty pages so this is a long short story; I'm going to have to find a way to quickly finish it without killing the narrative and plot. Hope all of you had a great weekend; gird your loins for the week.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day!

To all of you mothers out there congratulations on having one of the toughest jobs on the planet: raising children. Despite not being married, having no children, or even in a serious romantic relationship I can certainly understand what they go through. At my job I in a sense raise children, and have been doing so for a few years now; me and my co-workers get no attention from the outside world and therefore little recognition, but we deal with a lot of crap every day from homework, to cleaning, to laundry, to "kid drama," to relationship/romantic drama.... The list goes ever on. Mothers get to deal with the same crap on a much more intimate and deeper level than the average western culture father, and for some odd reason their job seems to be getting more complicated lately because people believe that kids need everything. Moms therefore are the natural provider and mediator for all of this to happen. What I say about all of that is..boo-hiss! There should be an even amount of work that both parents provide and do, and kids don't need everything; one thing (like an extra-curricular activity) should be good enough, not five plus, and people, children really don't need cell phones...heck I'd go so far to say that teenagers don't need cellphones. I didn't get my first cellphone until I was a sophomore in college (2005 fall). So moms chill, and society needs to chill its expectations of mothers and raise expectations for fathers where nurturing children is concerned. Work was fine today, although an SED did threaten to stab me because I wouldn't let him do something. It was an interesting moment when he came charging at me and then stopped before breaking down into tears about what he said. Well I hope all of you mothers had an excellent day. I love you mom!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Graduating Wonders.

Three years ago today (actually it was May 6th I believe technically) I graduated with my B.A. in psychology and I remember that day very well; it was a lot of fun, although filled with tense nerves too. Today I returned to my alma mater, San Diego Christian College, to see the last of my friends from college graduate. It was nice to see old friends again and chat with some former professors of mine. It was a fantastic way to begin the day....and then I went to work, but honestly today was really, really good at work and there was nothing for me to really complain about. That was my day, and now as usual time for sleep.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thunder and Hammer.

Well I hope all of you are ready for the 2011 blockbuster season to begin because it is.......here at last! THOR opened today, and of course I saw it and wrote a very lovely review of it. It is a good start for what looks to be a very promising season. I have a feeling that THOR will do nicely since Priest will be of little competition and Pirates of the Caribbean is still some ways off. Watching this film has encouraged me to return to reading Norse mythology, which I tried to read back in 2008, but it was a little heavy at the time and my job at the time required me to be distracted by more superfluous fiction and forms of entertainment. I suggest that everyone should go see THOR, that is if you enjoy action films with a great story. Aside from that, the day was rather boring. I chatted for a bit on the telephone with me mum and wished her a happy mother's day since I'll be working all weekend. I also was busy assembling my new Blu-ray player which is very cool. I tried Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 bonus features and it worked nicely; I can't wait to watch an actual film and see how much difference there is and isn't. I've been on a James Bond kick since a good majority of them are on Netflix instant play and tonight I watched The Spy Who Loved Me, and surprisingly it was one of the better ones, despite the cheesy lines and chauvinistic tendencies that the main character possesses. Work starts tomorrow, but since I won't be working in the morning, it should be a rather simple day, at least I hope. Have a good weekend everyone, my work week yet again is just beginning.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suicide Hike.

Well this morning I got up bright and early to go hiking. I thought it would be a delightful, scenic, and relaxing hike. It was far from any of that. While I had a....good time, it was long, very hot outside, and the last part of the hike was oh so steep and I kept pushing myself and pushing myself until my legs felt like they couldn't go any further. I almost vomited numerous times, and not only was I exhausted when I got back to my apartment but I was also sunburned on many parts of my body which proved discomforting throughout the day. To say the least, I was not capable of being productive after that. I felt like a big fat potato that someone had squeezed. I was able to write some more of the audio drama but that was unfortunately it. I had planned to write my rabbit hole story, but the hike kind of eliminated that option. Oh well, there is tomorrow and next week even though I was hoping to have it finished this week. That goes to show that not everything can happen according to plan. I watched another episode about our universe, from the History Channel, and it was about Mars. It was interesting to a point, but far less useful than learning about the sun and far more boring. In summary, Mars is really cold, has gigantic volcanoes, an environment of basically carbon dioxide, an average temperature of -100 below zero Fahrenheit during the night, and they think that there is frozen water under the surface of the planet which they believe is the Rosetta stone in proving that there is or was life on Mars. Personally, I'm glad I live on a planet with running water and green foliage. Tomorrow should be fun as THOR is being released in theaters. Good night everyone, and to those that celebrate it Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Note: Correction on the blog for Tuesday, I believe. The Star Wars saga will not be available on Blu-ray until September of this year. I'm not quite sure why there was a bunch of hubub about it yesterday if they weren't going to release it, but there you have it. Only....a couple more months remaining.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the "4th" Be With You.

Happy International Star Wars Day to everyone! I suppose for those of us who are enthusiastic fans it's a little like Christmas...well I guess that is what it should be like. I'm going to have to change it to being more like that in the future for me at least. I unfortunately worked today, so I was unable to "party" as a true Star Wars fan would have, but I did watch Attack of the Clones after I got back from work. It's amazing how amazing it looks on a large, high definition, wide screen television set. The picture is so clear, so crisp and vivid...thinking of it makes me want to watch it again. And that was my day essentially summed up. I couldn't rouse myself to write this morning before work, and it was unlikely to happen after work so I suppose it will have to wait for tomorrow and the days after. Just a little reminder for all of you children out there; I hope that you are picking something amazing for your mother for this upcoming Sunday. I still haven't thought of a great idea yet as my original idea kind of went out the door so I may have to settle for chocolates and flowers. How boring, but quite effective. May the Force be with you all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Force is With Us.

Well tomorrow is at least for me a kind of holiday/celebration/remembrance; such is the life of a devoted Star Wars fan. It is also the day I believe that the Star Wars films will be released on Blu-ray; that should be interesting to see. Today was fairly busy. After doing my usual morning routine, I cleaned the apartment up a little and then went grocery shopping which was fun minus the irritating people that don't know proper cart etiquette. You'd think that if you were trying to get through an aisle and someone was blocking it that they'd move; nope, apparently I'm suppose to go all the way around the other aisle. After taking over some more of the world as the Moors in Medieval Total War II, I relaxed. When I realized it was another hour or so before I should be making dinner, I wrote some more of the audio drama after which I made myself some super delicious tacos. The seasoning recipe is a family secret and boy does it make good meat! I didn't watch a film but rather an episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In anticipation of tomorrow, I wrote a Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Film Review and a Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Score Review. This turns out to be a good thing since I'm picking up a shift at work tomorrow because I'm going to a college graduation this Saturday morning. That was my writing for tonight; we'll see if I can convince myself to do writing tomorrow instead of playing around on the computer before work. Oh I would also like to send out my congratulations to some very dear friends of mine, Joshua and Emily as they had their first child born to them this past Sunday. So far, baby James is a very healthy young baby boy and doing well, as is the mother. I wish all three of them the best.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The End of Another Round.

Thank goodness my days off have arrived! I have had my fill of kids screaming at me, shouting obscenities, and flashing me. The mind can only take so much of that before snapping. I will get my opportunity to sleep more, of which I have been sleeping most excellently as of late, relax, and do some writing. There is so much that I should be doing in the area of writing, but what can I say after three consecutive days where I essentially do nothing but work with SED children and then get some days off. I think I am beginning to accept the fact that as long as I have a full time job, then any amount of writing that I get done (since I also blog and manage a website) will be satisfactory. That said, I am going to go through the mail, watch something, and then sleep for hopefully a long time.

Note: Correction on my Friday blog. Prince William's wife is not the Princess of Wales, but rather the Duchess of Cambridge. I think the latter sounds cooler.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Spots!

Well happy May 1st everyone, and it seems according to the news that this May was a very eventful day. For me though it was simply tiring. At work the big wigs decided to put on this family get together day with the SED's, their families, and other people involved with making their life more.......pleasant and bearable. You'd think that this overall would be a good thing, but it really wasn't. All day so many of the SED's were crying, tantruming, getting angry, and just so ridiculously emotional. In the end I and several other staff found ourselves putting out little fires here and there (metaphorically speaking of course) and it was exhausting. This one SED busted up his solid wood door a little, another SED got naked and danced in front of a window while playing with his penis, and so many cried, whined, and instigated each other. Yep, this is what I deal with at work all of the time. So I'm really tired and sleepy and so very thankful that tomorrow marks the last day I work before I get my days off. As the world continues to change, I hope all of us continue to remain safe and free.