Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing Nothing.

I don't know how many of you are writers that experience this, but I hate it when I sit down to write and I stare either at the computer screen or a piece of paper for sometimes over a half an hour without writing anything down. I guess you could call it writers block, and at the time I was very much distracted by something that was stressing me out greatly. When I finally resolved what was stressing me out the creative juices flowed and I was able to write some more of my associates audio drama. It's actually coming along quite well, although it's frustrating trying to write something that there are only 7-8 characters doing most of the action if not all of it, and since it's also just dialog I have to be mindful of not putting characters into situations or settings where there is no talking occurring. It's like a fine dance, and although I came up with the whole story and what not, it's not flowing like all of my other stories usually do which is really vexing when it comes time to writing it. Anyways I did that for a while and then relaxed a little. I decided that I needed to watch a film that was light with an excellent score and so I chose The Mummy which is almost eleven years old come this May I believe. It features one of Jerry Goldsmith's best scores that he composed for a film I think of the late nineties and the latter part of his career before he died. I love the music which is heroic, action driven, sweepingly romantic, grand, and has of course some choral parts dotted around it. And of course I thoroughly enjoyed the film; I really wish that Stephen Sommers had duplicated the same success with GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra. After watching the movie I did some more writing on my rabbit hole story and am now on page 30. I'm trying to figure out how I want to get to the ending which is proving quite elusive to get to, but I'm closing in on it. Tomorrow should be a full day, so I'm going to get plenty of sleep and hope that the rest of my week continues to be productive.

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