Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Spot of Sun?

Well for the most part I was rather lazy today, and I thought to myself, "I would rather be doing nothing than writing," and that is precisely what I did. Not very interesting or exciting I know, but there are times when idleness is more...useful than obvious productivity. This is why I didn't write much, although I wrote a few more pages for my friend's audio drama (I'm going to call it that now instead of 'radio' since it won't be on the radio most likely). I think I finally got my website appearance where I want it after a last bit of tinkering on it today, and I like the new look very much. It shall be a good change for another year and a half or so. I put together the film composer webpage for John Ottman who is a favorite composer of mine, but fortunately all of the fat heads who make films have been using mediocre composers instead. I just finished watching this documentary, which is part of a series called The Universe I think and it's on the History Channel, but anyways it was about the sun. It was amazing the information that I heard, and I wish that I could remember all of it. Solar Flares are bad and shoot out a ridiculous amount of energy into space, sun spots can lead to very bad solar flares, the core of the sun is denser than lead but still liquid, and the sun is going to...have...well I can't think of the proper scientific term but think of it as hurricane season for Florida except on a solar level with energy levels on the scale of 100 nuclear bombs going off, and this is going to take place in......guess....yep, you got it folks 2012. This happens every eleven years or so and once it is over the sun begins to kind of calm down. So the world could go crazy or blow up because of intense solar flares from the sun, or something like that. Should be a great light show at least (watch the episode for more detailed information if you're concerned). I've been watching Merlin season 2 lately since I've been done with Battlestar Galactica and it is probably the finest production I have ever seen with anything having to do with Merlin, Camelot and Arthur, with perhaps the exception of the film Avalon. Well have a good night everyone, and try not to think of the sun blowing our planet up, that apparently won't happen for another 5 million years.

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