Friday, April 1, 2011

"So Say We All!"

That title up there was the rallying cry for the people during the lifespan of the television show Battlestar Galactica which I as of tonight have finished all four seasons. It has been quite an adventure from where the whole show began and where it ended up being, and also quite the surprise but I won't spoil it for all you potential viewers. It is definitely a show worth seeing for a number of reasons; good plots, excellent stories, fascinating points of view and reasoning, and a heck of a fantastic cast that brought amazing characters to life. Some of the more philisophical and religious ideas that came up are....very interesting to say the least, especially with where they went with them all. I highly recommend anyone that enjoys good drama and science fiction to watch this; forget all of the gimmicks and technology, it is a desperate story about real people, with problems that aren't easy and have no trite conclusion where everyone but the "villain" is happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was sad to see that it was over; SyFy and the producers behind it did a fabulous job. I finished watching the final three part episodes tonight instead of a film; that's how I justify watching that many in a row. Before that though....well...there's not much to tell. I did a whole lot of nothing, ran some errands and fixed a few things. This week I allowed myself to be comlpetely lazy and not be as productive as I usually am. We'll see how that works for next week. This seems to be the night for series finales. The Clone Wars Season 3 one hour finale is tonight; I will be reviewing it on Tuesday hopefully (if they post it on the website by then). I can't believe they'll be starting season four of that series this fall. Well work starts up again tomorrow and the cycle continues on, this has all happened before, and will happen again. As 'The Old Man' put it, "so say we all."

Oh....and I almost forgot...Happy April Fools Day!

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