Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pyromaniacs Anonymous.

Well for the most part it was a really good day. There were times at work when I was losing patience and having to re-direct negative behaviors, but overall it wasn't anything too bad. My co-worker and I made dinner for the kids and it turned out marvelously, and they loved my red velvet cake....well except one of them. He barely took a bite of it and threw the rest of it away. Such a waste, and such an ungrateful pain in the neck. Well now we come to the heart of my interesting day (which technically only had an interesting ending). I was checking up on this one kid (who tends to be the most wretched of all the SED's in the cottage) and I found him in the back corner of his room sitting. The first thing I noticed was the smell of smoke in the air. So looking at him quite stern, I demanded that he hand over whatever he used to light what ever he lit on fire and he handed me a lighter. I then asked for what he tried to burn, and he handed me a charred pamphlet on anger management ironically enough. Well after speaking with him about where he got it from and the dangers of fire, he began to become belligerent but I was able to distract him by threatening that I would tickle him, at which point he jumped back into bed smiling and trying not to laugh loudly. I was eventually able to get him calm and he fell asleep without any further difficulties. Aside from the paperwork and other things that I had to do, the crisis wasn't that bad; fortunately nothing adverse happened on a large scale. How he got the lighter though and some of the stories surrounding that were quite interesting, despite the fact that they were very disjointed. I'm very sleepy and need to finish the 2nd season of Merlin so good night.

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