Friday, April 22, 2011

Political Irony Years Later.

I watched Charlie Wilson's War this evening without realizing what it was really about, and although I enjoyed it greatly it got me thinking a little. How ironic that the American government secretly helped the Afghans expel the Soviets, and now we find the same weapons they used to eradicate our cold war foes killing Americans in Afghanistan which America in a sense occupies just like the Soviets did. History has such a sense of cruel irony. Well the day was partially productive. Aside from the fun and relaxing that I had, I was able to sit down and do some writing, although it was small. I also added Klaus Badelt and Marc Streitenfeld to my film composer compendium that I am continuing to build up. That was essentially my boring day, and I am certain that many of you most likely had a more interesting time than I did. Every now and then interesting things happen in my life (some of which I can't really speak of) but for the most part things are rather hum drum, which I am certain will change one day considering where and what I want to do in life. Well happy "Good Friday" to everyone and enjoy your Easter weekend to those who are celebrating it. I will sadly be working and hopefully trying not to be bitten, scratched, or punched by number one unfavorite SED.

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