Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pie Anyone?

I love baking and I love cherry pie. When I first made my own pies from scratch a few years back, it was a lengthy process and there were some problems, but now I do it with confidence, and the results are.....quite delicious. Aside from baking (I think it was the best cherry pie that I've ever made), cleaning, and being lazy on the computer I did positively nothing else all day. I watched What About the Morgans and it was interesting and funny at times, but Sarah Jessica Parker didn't come off very funny for me and it seemed a little forced out of Hugh Grant unfortunately. It was diverting and light enough though and was therefore precisely what I needed. I tinkered around a lot on my website and decided to try out a new look. I don't know if I've got it down quite yet, and there are some glitches to get out still, but I think it's coming along quite well. It's annoying when you build a website around a certain look and then when you change that look...well it kind of messes everything else up and then you have to change all of that. Meanwhile everything has got to look nice and blend well; not too strange, not too familiar. It is a hard balance to strike, especially when one has access to limited software with which to do stuff with. Time, money, and knowledge are three very useful commodities that I would always buy out if I was offered them. Saw my roommate today and almost blanched. Why do you ask, well it might have had something to do with the two earrings on his lips (one on each end). He casually mentioned that a friend had put them on over the weekend or something like that. I said something to the extent of that being.....nice or interesting and then he left, after he had dropped his keys and lost them down our stairs at the apartment. It was rather amusing; good old karma.

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