Thursday, April 28, 2011

Only One Can Live.

Well there it is folks; the beginning of the end. After about ten years or so, the phenomenon that J.K. Rowling began (at least in the cinema) will be coming to a close come this July. The trailer looks mighty good, and apparently all the new additions should make the battle between Harry and Voldemort more...dynamic to be certain. I'm really looking forward to all of the wand/magic action. Since the previous two were slim on that, I'm hoping he makes up for it in this film and based on the preview alone I don't think anyone will be disappointed in that regard. My day was blah essentially. I had training this morning from 9am-1pm (how to transport severely emotionally disturbed children) and traffic was a pain in the neck, and then I...relaxed and watched Iron Man which was nice. For the evening I went to some family friends of mine and had dinner with some excellent conversation and returned home. While surfing Youtube, I found something of a jewel really, at least for me and people who like it. About ten years ago or so there was this cartoon called Mad Jack the Pirate and it was completely funny, witty, and so humorous but it ended rather abruptly and I have been looking for episodes for years and I finally found some at last. It was a lovely nostalgic moment. Because of all of the busyness today and the absence of any...of my usual daily routine no writing was done, but I came up with a lot of good ideas for stories. In particular I am beginning to assemble a romantic comedy in my head, which is a very difficult genre for me to write, so I'm hoping that as it develops more in my head the better it will become. Well early congratulations to Prince William and his lovely bride Kate; I'm sure at this very moment right now they are preparing to say I do and getting all kinds of butterflies and what not. I hope the two of them are truly happy and have a better happy ending than William's parents did.

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  1. William and Kate have been together for a while... I'd wager they'll stay together.

    James, you make an average day sound so interesting! Nice writing!