Monday, April 4, 2011


Thank goodness another work weekend has come and gone and I have lived to tell the tale. Today we actually had a little action. The SED's were playing flag football when two of the kids collided accidentally and tried to get the football. Well, they soon began trying to punch and kick each other and this is when I intervened. I got one of the boys to try and calm him down, while the other SED was still trying to get at him but fortunately the awesome staff that I work with intercepted him before he did anything. Eventually the kid calmed down, even though the one SED I was with got a bloody nose, but he lived and had a good rest of the shift. I found out later on that he got some blood on my jeans; hopefully all of it comes off. The remainder of my day went by very well and the majority of the SED's behaved themselves, although one of them tantrumed for about three hours or so. He wasn't getting his way. Now I can rest, relax, and recharge for the next round. Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow, I've been having a little difficulty with that lately.

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