Monday, April 11, 2011

A Human Wrecking Ball....

Simply writing down spelling words that are legible for homework when you're eight doesn't seem that extraordinary of task to me, but perhaps kids are getting dumber or even lazier. So I have this SED finish the rest of his homework before he goes to this birthday party (of which he is almost finished with) but he immediately tantrums and throws the beginning of a major fit which lasts for two consecutive hours with me standing by his door. During this tantrum he spits, kicks, punches, bites, attempts to scratch, uses a stegosaurus dinosaur toy as a weapon on my arm, pull off little plastic stars that glow in the dark and throw them like those ninja stars (one of which jabbed me right below the eyeball), somehow twists my thumb so it hurts every time I bend it, tries to break everything in his room including the door, the window, the fire door, and the light switch. This child was in bad space for over four hours, two which I spent with him screaming and shouting obscenities at me (amongst other things). During this time I was attempting to be a bud of calm...but that was difficult at times shall we say. Then this other kid, who shouts so much for so long very loudly could power all of California if we could harness that energy, starts to tantrum and have problems because he doesn't get what he wants either. It was a very long shift and turned out to be a very long day. Sometimes I wonder how and why I put up with what I do at work and then I remember; money and experience. I am so sleepy right now, but I am so very thankful that my days off have arrived. I have a busy week and weekend planned though, so hopefully I'll get some rest in between everything I have to do.

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