Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Despite working on a rather large holiday, things went quite well. Several of the SED's were on pass with family or other individuals, and the ones remaining weren't too much to handle. This one SED though just either has a brain thick as a brick, or he just doesn't care too much to remember anything that you tell him. I was constantly prompting him to not do simple things that he should know not to do already; it was rather irksome and I was quite tired for the better part of the day despite it being a gorgeous day in southern California. Towards the end of the night this one SED got mad about something and started shouting, screaming, and tantruming. He then urinated on his bedroom door and on the floor in the bathroom, needless to say I was entirely too vexed and tired to really deal with that kind of crap. Anyways it's over and I have one very long day tomorrow; I'm essentially working three doubles in a row and I am not very happy about the last one. Aside from that doom and gloom, I hope that everyone had an excellent holiday and has a lovely work week.

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