Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greetings Programs!

Well my first day off was completely unproductive aside from a little apartment cleaning. I am finding once more how wonderful doing absolutely nothing is. Perhaps its not very good in the long run of things, but for now I can live with it. I got Tron: Legacy on DVD/Bluray and watched it while eating dinner. It was lovely to see again, although I've really got to stop procrastinating and get a Bluray player and a much better sound system. I didn't do any writing today because I was merely feeling quite lazy, hopefully I can get kick my laziness and do something productive tomorrow, but I'm not going to stress over it. If you pay attention to the Clone War series you'll know of course that they had the season finale duo and ended it with a bang starring good old Chewbacca. Well...for some odd reason, I never really care for their season finales. With seasons 2 and 3, the season opening episodes were better I thought than the finales. I won't critique the entire season yet, but I wish the episodes were more closely connected to an overall story and plot instead of being so very episodic. Oh well, perhaps it'll get more like that as the seasons continue. I think they did a fantastic job with Chewbacca and bringing him into the series. I liked the Trandoshans and how they made them look, sound, behave and what their culture was like in general. Very cool. The story however...well...it at times came across a little weak. I'm not a real big fan of idealistic heroes and Ahsoka, although she has somewhat matured a little, still retains that..naive way of thinking that annoys me. The design of the jungle worked very well I thought, and I would have liked to see some darkness come out of Ahsoka instead of the other Padawans/younglings. Oh, the general gist of both episodes is that Ahsoka gets kidnapped by Trandoshan slavers and taken to an island where she is hunted down with other Padawans for mere sport by the Trandoshans. She and the others try to escape and stay alive while being constantly hunted. There you have it. I personally think something should have happened where there was a cliffhanger which would be revealed and completed in season 4, but they all prefer to be mainly episodic apparently. To each their own. Well the preview for the new season looks good, but I don't see any Darth Maul yet just some dude with two double bladed lightsabers who looks like Dexter Jettster which should be very interesting. I really hope they don't forget about Savage Oppress, Ventress, and the Nightsisters; they were fantastic villains. Good night everyone, and have fun working or playing; which ever you do the rest of the week.

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