Monday, April 25, 2011

3 Very Long Days.

Thank goodness my work weekend is finally over! Three doubles in a row was a little too much for me, and I was tired most of the time irritatingly enough. I had training for work (it was a class about culture) early this morning and then went right to the facility after stopping by my apartment to pick up a few things. The SED's weren't too bad despite the most irritating of the lot had a minor tantrum (which is actually amazing it was so small) and he didn't try to attack me. My writing group was fine, just really hyper. The annoying part about working today was that I was so very sleepy; every moment I could I was shutting my eyes for a few moments. That was it; that was my boring average day. Oh, one thing I have been wanting to write for some time is how awesome the internet browser "Chrome" by Google is. I switched over to it from "Internet Explorer" by Microsoft after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about the speed of the various browsers. I highly recommend it to everyone; it is very simple and quite speedy.

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