Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where Have all of the Good Men Gone?

That is a rather interesting title for today, and it was interestingly enough something that I had a conversation with a co-worker last night and a friend today. The title is based on a Wall Street Journal article about men who take until about twenty-seven or so years of age to mature....well at least somewhat mature and act like responsible adults. My co-worker (female) agreed with my perspective, while my friend (male) did not. I thought it was interesting that the sexes were so divided, as the article proposed about this issue. The basic argument that I put forth and the article as well, is that American men are taking far too long to grow up and mature. Men and society in general encourages it and makes excuses for it as well; I do not. I believe men should start beginning to be independent and showing signs of being driven to become self-supportive as young as sixteen years of age. Men are becoming weak, ego hungry driven fools in this country and nowhere is this demonstrated more perfectly than on popular media and television shows, and films. I'm tired of grown men being given excuses to act like fools, idiots, and nothing less than a young teenager just because "Well, they're only twenty-two; they're young, let them enjoy it while they still can." Or rather a favorite of mine is, "hey I use to party and be irresponsible when I was twenty-four, it's just a phase that they're going through." I don't care if you're a nerd, dork, jock, or average joe but if you act like an irresponsible and lazy person who cares only about himself and indulging in pleasure then you aren't a man, you are a child. I deal with children in my field of work, and I see many of the same behaviors in grown men, as well as some of the same activities, drives, langauge, and humor. That needs to change, otherwise we are going to have one hell of a culture in twenty-five years or so. Stepping off the soap box. Today was actually rather productive all things considering. I did some housework, laundry and played around on the computer for a while and then edited book 2. I edited the latter half of the chapter that I was previously working on, and then I went back to an earlier chapter and added a fair bit of writing that I decided had been lacking. It took me a good additional couple of hours, but it was much better in the end, and I added about five or six additional pages. I have about two chapters left to edit before I am finished with my second draft! It is actually rather exciting. The last two chapters will be complicated though since that is where so much information happens so quickly, the thing is I might have to slow it down a little and add more details. We'll see. I watched Beowulf the version directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was good. The computer graphics were astounding, and the music by Alan Silvestri was amazing. I think I might write a review of it tomorrow, otherwise I'll just expound more in my blog tomorrow. Today is Clone Wars Tuesdays. Today we have "Counterattack." In this episode our heroes continue to try and escape from the Citadel prison planet. That is really the plot. Actually the entire episode reminded me of this WWII suspense, spy like film Where Eagles Dare, which has a similar plot angle where British agents rescue an American general from an impenetrable German prison in the Bavarian mountains. Things get more intense, and of course Tarkin's character is explored more which is nice. I look forward to seeing Anakin and him in future episodes. Their dialogue could have used some help with how it was written, but it is only a children's television show I have to remind myself. The pace was good, and you kept wondering if they were actually going to escape, especially alive, or rather unharmed in some of the characters cases. I really enjoyed this episode, although the prison warden still annoys me. I hope that tomorrow is equally productive, and happy Mardi Gras to everyone.

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