Sunday, March 6, 2011

Urine at 6:30am Anyone?

Today was long. As soon as I got into the door at work I was dealing with this one kid who had been up since around 6:30am or so, and was screaming his head off and waking everyone else up, and urinated all over the place in the bathroom and tried to flash as well. He was raised by cats if you didn't realize it. The SED eventually made it back into his room and was fine for the rest of the morning. Then there was the whiney SED who was complaining about his wrist hurting and stating most insistently that he broke it, which wasn't accurate, and tantrumed when we didn't believe him or give him the extra attention that he wanted. With him, this happened throughout the entire day. Some other SED's were just as moody and irritable, but fortunately were able to maintain themselves. Eventually the shift calmed down and was fine, although the hiccups along the way made it ridiculous at times, especially when some co-workers fostered an unstable environment, at least in my opinion. Oh well, at least no one spit on me, although the one SED kept trying to kick me and he connected, but he's so weak it was like a fly was bumping into me. Essentially a boring, average day. I got some good ideas for writing, thanks to my awesome co-worker Staci and our wonderful overnight Lina. I think it'll make a fine short story. Now I just have to find the time to write it. One more day of work and then I'm finished once more! And then I get to go back to writing. Ah the joys of being a writer.

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