Friday, March 18, 2011

To Be Immortal?

Many people want to live forever, or at least stay young forever. What would that be like? What kind of person would an individual be if he or she lived for over three thousand years on our planet? What would their lifestyle be like? What would their code and conduct of morality be like? I have explored some of these questions in a new series that I have begun to write: The Revelation of Immortality: Alpha. This is the first part of the saga about eleven immortals who have lived for over 35oo years. I tried a fresh approach, and have blended mythology and actual history together to create something that I believe is truly unique and for lack of a better descriptor very cool. My hope is to continue writing as I am able, and I know that I stated that I didn't want to write any new series, but this just happened and I am going with it. It may not be a long series, it may be very long we'll see. Anyways, the day was fairly productive, although a phone call kept me from being as productive as I would have preferred, but I was able to finish writing the above story and create the Hans Zimmer Music Page. He is an amazing film composer and I like a lot of his work, but he needs to get less hit and miss and really consolidate his scores so that the majority, not the minority, are good. Other than all of that my day was rather uneventful. Tomorrow I return to work, and it will be a rather fabulous day. Good night one and all.

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