Monday, March 14, 2011


For my writing group at work today I made snickerdoodle cookies for the SED's, and they turned out spectacularly! The kids loved them as well as the staff that I shared them with as well, even when I tasted one myself I thought that I had done a fairly good job on them. Once again my day was essentially all work, which wasn't too bad. I tried to teach this one SED how to shoot basketball hoops and he actually did rather well, and I thought it was also amazing that I was able to teach some facet of an athletic sport that I detest quite vehemently. Other than that my day was fine, boring, and uneventful. Thank God. I am so tired and exhausted from the four days of working, but now I have my days off and I am going to enjoy them, although I am also going to have some major catch up work to do for my website. Here's to tomorrow.

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