Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pain in the Back.

Usually it is pain in the neck, but today it is the opposite. For some reason I woke up this morning with an unusual amount of neck pain, that throughout the day transformed into a lot of back pain that feels quite severe honestly. It however didn't immediately hamper my ability to be productive. I did house work and ran some errands before relaxing a little. I then made myself dinner and made a co-worker a mango cheesecake; I hope it tastes good since this is my first attempt. After that I collapsed onto the living room floor (purposely) and tried to massage my back, and boy oh boy did it hurt like hell. It's like there are all kinds of knots everywhere; all over my neck and back. Try as I might, nothing worked and it only seemed to make it worse. So now I can barely turn my head or shoulders without causing an immense amount of pain. I took some ibprofen, hopefully that will help a little. It sucks, because there is nothing like a lot of back pain to keep one from writing. Another thing that kept me from writing or doing anything associated much with my website is that our internet (Cox) has been so wonky lately that it is ridiculous. It was inoperative most of the day, and just now I was able to get it to work miraculously (thank you God) so that I could post at least a blog entry. Everything is paid according to my roommate and there is nothing faulty on any of our equipment, so apparently the Cox people are coming to check the matter out tomorrow. Other than that, my day was pretty boring. I got a new toy from Target today: a food processor, which is what I used to puree the mango after I chopped it up. You know, I've never cut up a mango before and it was quite.....an adventure. Never again will I attempt to cut one in half without the assistance of an electric saw. It is Clone Wars Tuesday today (I almost forgot) and today we escape from the citadel. That is essentially the plot; our heroes escape from the planet, although there is a slight plot twist. The prison ward, Osi Sobeck, comes more to my liking in this episode, but I still don't really care for him too much. He bored me, and I found the way he walked, talked, and laughed annoying most of the time. All of the other characters were fine, and Ahsoka even grew a little with her character. Tarkin was fine, but came across as overly pompous and arrogant; I don't remember that in Episode IV. What I saw was a superiority complex, but he was cold and calculating, not very flowery. In the end, the episode was good, and I must admit that the animators and directors are getting better with blending the actions sequences and making them different. I particularly like the world that they were on, Lola Sayu (although the name is somewhat proposterous). There are two episodes left, and if I'm not mistaken two familiar Star Wars characters will be featured: Chewbacca and Darth Maul. At least I think so on the latter, but who knows. Well I'm going to post this before my internet magically decides to not work again. Good night everyone, and while you sleep be careful not to sleep in a funny position or you might find yourself waking up and feeling like a ninety year old.

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