Sunday, March 13, 2011

Out Doubled.

One has to be creative and resourceful when coming up for titles. Today was tiring, and not just because we rolled up the clocks by one hour. I was sore from all of my physical exertions yesterday and of course today was my second double on top of working extra. All days the SED's have been active and hyper, which of course wears an inactive guy like me down quickly. I then feel like an old man for a couple of days before being back at the top of my game (so to speak). No SED tried to attack me, but there was one that was constantly whining and complaining about a bruise that he got on his arm. He was so needy and attention seeking that it drove me bonkers about. Oh and one adventurous thing is that one of my co-workers combusted some spinach in a styrofoam container while warming it up in the microwave. Apparently there were flames and a lot of smoke. The interior of the microwave was scorched, but most of it cleaned off fortunately. The microwave worked well afterwards without any difficulties, although it didn't look as new or shiny as it had when it was taken out of the box a couple of weeks ago. It's amazing how many stories I could write from my experiences at work, and although I am not really writing at all during my work week, my mind is constantly thinking about possibilities and what could potentially lead to a fantastic story. The mental health arena is an amazing place for all kinds of stories: horror, suspense, romance (yes even that), action, drama (big one here), success stories and ones that are of course even heart breaking. Hope you all get some more sleep tonight and that you're lives aren't too messed up over loosing an hour of sleep.

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