Thursday, March 31, 2011


The quest that drives most modern western civilizations to do ridiculous and unspeakable things was an irritating, but necessary realization for me today. Yep that's right I changed the oil in my vehicle today. It may surprise many of you I'm sure that a writer who spends most of his days inside in front of a computer or sitting down with pen and paper in hand can do such a messy and laborious task, but it's true. One of the things my father taught me that was useful and valuable when I was very young, along with other construction and building talents. It actually went a whole lot quicker than I thought it was going to go. It was really hot outside though, whew. The heat is coming to California and it'll only be April tomorrow, which is weird because I seem to remember it being quite cool only last week. I burnt myself a couple of times on the engine block while trying to take the oil filter off; dang, the engineers and desginers put the filter in the most ridiculous spot to get at. After looking at the oil I took out, it was high time for a change. I was sweating up a storm out there in the heat, and I had forgotten how difficult it was to get oily and grimey hands clean. I completed the whole task though, and now hopefully my care will be much happier. Well aside from that task and finishing up the plot, characters, and setting for my collaborative friend's radio extravaganza, I did nothing all day long and enjoyed it immensely. I've been on this binge lately playing a computer strategy game called Medieval: Total War II. I know I'm 25 and still playing such games, but you get to know all kinds of fun facts about history and the geography of the medieval world, resource and crisis management, not to mention real simulated battle tactics. I know I'm rationalizing it all, but I have learned a lot about that era of history because of this game. I haven't played it in years though until now, I guess I felt a little nostalgic. We'll see about being productive tomorrow; hopefully I'll get something useful accomplished.

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